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Delicious School Lunches discussed by Mississauga Naturopath

20 Sep

It’s a big “mom-win” when kids like AND eat all of their school lunch at pick up time from school!

When children are able to eat balanced meals (including protein and avoiding artificial colours and flavours), they have abundant energy, can focus in class and feel grounded (not anxious). These are all key to having a successful and fun day at school.

When I’m thinking of what to put in my kids school lunch container in the morning, I keep 2 things in mind:

  • Do they have enough protein?
  • Do they have enough antioxidants (veggies and fruit)?

Prior to these questions, we now have established what they do and don’t like.

Once in awhile it’s good to have little meetings on the weekends to check in with your kids’ school lunches:

  • Did they like what I put in their lunch this week?
  • Did they see any of their friends with something they would like to have?

These all help to give them the fuel they need when they’re not at home.

Some of my kid’s favourites school lunches include:

  • Chicken noodle soup (hot lunches are nice!)
  • fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes
  • rice wraps with melted cheese, chicken and bacon
  • homemade (nut free) chocolate chip cookies and granola bars
chicken noodle soup picture from above in a thermos with a spoon to the side for a school lunch

For this and more ideas on how to keep your kids healthy happy and thriving come in to see me in Mississauga!

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In health, Kirsten Almon ND

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