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Exercise in your life

28 Sep

“When I exercise I wear all black. It’s like I’m going to a funeral…for my fat.” – Anonymous

Incorporating exercise when you have little ones can be less than easy. In your “former life” i.e. life before kids, you may have been a gym rat or a runner down the lakeshore or through forest trails. Doing the exercise that you were previously accustomed to may not be fitting with a newborn and/or toddler.

Enter the PDE,  otherwise known as Public Displays of Exercise. After I had my daughter I would go the park and pop her into the swing. With every push of the swing I would do a squat or lunge. She was thoroughly entertained and I was getting in a mini workout.  Similarly, if she was on the ground crawling around, I would do some pushups, side planks or a bridge. Did it look strange that I was busy doing all of these poses in a public park? Maybe. Did I care? No.

Before kids I was a gym person-every day at lunch. These days I work it into my schedule in many different and creative ways and I encourage you to do the same.

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