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How does ice relate to iron deficiency?

13 Nov

Let there be ice!

How does ice relate to iron deficiency?  Our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kirsten Almon, shares a story from her childhood about how iron deficiency relates to ice.

Growing up we never had ice in our freezer. Don’t get me wrong, we had ice cube trays, but they were consistently filled with tepid water.

Here’s what was going on behind the scenes…..I can vividly recall my mom in the kitchen with the light blue tray, eating ice as fast as it would freeze. I would look on puzzled by this? What was the deal with ice? She couldn’t get enough of it!

What we didn’t know then but are fully aware of today is that she was suffering from extreme iron deficiency. A key note symptom of eating ice is also known as “pica”. Pica can also mean eating things that isn’t food–including clay. And yes, she did eat that too as a kid!

If you or anyone you know likes ice more than their neighbor, best to get their iron checked through a blood test (done by an ND or MD).

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