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Kids Health

9 Oct

Kids Health

Back to school and changes in weather can all be stressful for children and their immune systems.
Here are some tips to keep your kids healthy and happy:

1.  Vitamin D: Our sunshine vitamin is less available especially in the Fall and Winter months. The recent studies show that children should receive 400 international units (IU) of vitamin D per day. It is an essential nutrient for immune health and can conveniently come in liquid form.

2.  Sleep: Often underrated, sleep is essential for proper retention of information learned during the school day. Most children, while they are growing need 9-12 hrs/night. Make night-time routines a ritual and encourage “unplugging” from computers and phones at least 2 hours before sleep as these can interfere with unwinding from a busy day.

3.  Outdoor activities: “Nature deficit disorder” was coined by Richard Louv where he found children spending less time outdoors thereby resulting in a wide range of behavioral problems. A study done in the American Journal of Public Health found that green outdoor settings appear to reduce attention deficit and hyperactivity symptoms in children. Be an example to your children and make weekly hikes in the woods or other outdoor activities a regular occurrence.

4.  Protein: To help avoid blood sugar drops during the morning session of school, protein is an crucial part of breakfast. Keeping blood sugar stable allows for the brain to focus on learning and having fun at school. Examples are scrambled eggs, homemade granola with nuts and seeds or a protein shake with frozen fruit and protein powder (free of artificial colours, flavours or sucralose).

5.  Fun: Having fun is an essential part of learning and happiness. Developing hobbies in music, art or sports helps fine tune right and left brain equally while having a great time!

Our Naturopathic Doctors can help to advise on multivitamins for your kids and help with other issues such as recurrent colds, ear infections, trouble sleeping amongst others.

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Dr. Kirsten Almon, ND

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