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Let’s not be nearsighted on this issue

24 Mar

Here below is a great article on increased screen time and it’s connection with myopia-otherwise known as nearsightedness.

You may or may not have been aware of this nearsighted condition and an initial response may be -“what’s the issue with that?”

The issue with myopia is that it significantly increases the risks of the following: retinal tearing (21 times greater), glaucoma (40 times) and cataracts (6 times).

There can be strategies implemented to help avoid this nearsighted diagnosis altogether:

1. Support healthy eyes nutritionally:  adding kale to shakes (lutein) and clean fish oils are great for the macula and optic nerve.

2. Increasing outdoor activity: Give eyes a break from reading, especially in front of screens and get outside! Go for a hike or nearby trail. Generally speaking, kids spend far too much time inside and are more sedentary than generations before them.

Check out the article:

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