Long Weekend Checklist From Our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctors

13 May

Warmer weather is here! FIngers are crossed for sunny mild long weekend coming up!

Here is a check list of naturopathic tips you can use this weekend and when camping all summer. Enjoy!

May 24 Weekend Checklist from our Naturopaths in Mississauga  


  • info on DEET (destroys mosquito netting, why spray on self?)
  • make your own: into 8 ounces carrier oil (olive, calendula) add the 10 drops of the following: thyme oil, lavender, mint, cedar.


  • Homeopathic remedies

°         1.  Arnica 30C:  for bruising from a fall or other trauma.

°         2.  Ledum 30C:  for slivers and other puncture wounds.

°         3.  Rescue remedy:  1-2 sprays or drops if accident or in stress.

°         4.  Apis 30C:  for insect sting with swelling. Take 1 pellet 3x/day

°         5.  Hypericum 30C:  for nerve pain.

°         6.  Aloe vera gel:  topically for burns.

°         7.  Band-aids

°         8.  EmergenC packets: electrolyte replacement. Add to 10 ounces water

°         9.  Cold pack

°         10.  Tweezers:  to remove slivers.

°         11.  Traumeel or Arnica cream: apply topically to cuts, burns, bruises.

°         12.  Neem oil/soap: itching due to bites.


  • Plantain: grows around on the ground. Is a flat curved leaf. Leaf can be chewed and placed on insect bite to help with swelling.


  • rice crackers, cakes
  • almond/pumpkin seed butter
  • dried unsulphured mango, apple, banana, dates, prunes
  • bean dips prepared ahead of time
  • home-made granola with protein powder and rice/soy/almond milk
  • greens powdered drink (just add water)


  • Quercitin: high in onions, garlic, good natural anti-histamine
  • Vitamin C crystals: take ¼ teaspoon in water every hour (beginning prior to camping=more effective). Caution in those with hemochromatosis or “iron overload”.


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