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Naturopathic First Aid Kit

22 Jul

Naturopathic First Aid Kit–don’t leave home without it!

Happy mid-July!

With everyone in full-fledged summer mode–going to the cottage, out on the hiking trails and water sports it’s nice to carry along one of my favourite little kits–my Naturopathic First Aid kit!
I’ll list my top 4–you can slowly acquire the remedies bit by bit and eventually you’ll have it all.
1.  Rescue Remedy: This bottle of flower essences is amazing to help deal with  emotional trauma. A few sprays or drops in the mouth can help a person in need to calm down. Safe for kids and adults alike. (Please note it has a very small amount of brandy that acts as a preservative).
2.  Arnica: Coming in a range of strengths, I typically recommend a 30C or 200C potency. 2-3 pellets in the mouth every couple of hours is very helpful in healing wounds and bruises. This is also a great and necessary postpartum remedy.
3.  Apis gel: an excellent topical gel that can be used on insect stings. Helps to minimize itching and pain. Apply frequently. It’s also nice to keep cold/in the fridge.
4.  Ledum: another great homeopathic remedy for puncture wounds, either 30 or 200C potency.
NB. These are not to replace going to see your doctor or EMS if needed.
Have a splendid week and remember to hydrate well! Watermelon and coconut water are wonderful natural choices in addition to NUUN or Sisu electrolytes!
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Dr. Kirsten Almon ND, CHt

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