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Never mind counting sheep

28 Nov

Never mind counting sheep

It’s an old family trick to help kids sleep and has a very good success rate.

Hot laundry.


Yes, it’s that simple as long as you have a functioning dryer and a blanket.

Picture this, you’re in your bed trying to relax but your feet and pillow are cold. You shift around and wiggle your toes trying to create some friction but it’s just not doing the trick.

Enter the hot blanket fresh from the dryer. Imagine as it’s tucked all around you like a burrito. Cocooned in it’s warmth, now all you can think about is how warm and safe you feel. Before I count to 10 your breathing naturally becomes deeper and your off to la la land…..

Kids LOVE this. It’s something that they look forward to, which is what you want as a parent when there is some reluctance to go to sleep.

Try it and let me know how it goes!!

kid sleeping


There are other tricks I use but this is my favourite…

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