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Potty Talk

20 Mar

Potty Talk

Yes we are talking about it and you don’t have to blush—a question I ask all of my patients, “How are your bowel movements?”

Some people start by saying, ‘normal’. I ask what that means. The answers varies from 1x/day to 1x/week(!)

Truth be told, it is ideal to have 1-3 bowel movements per day that are well formed and all the same colour (medium to dark brown). So if you haven’t already, go ahead and take a look to see what you are (or aren’t) eliminating!

If you er on the side of constipation, have no fear, I have 3 wonderful suggestions for you:

  1. Kiwi crush: take 2 peeled kiwis and mash them. Eat these before breakfast 3 x/week
  2. 1/2 lemon squeezed into warm water.  Drink this before bed or as your first beverage in the morning to warm the colon and gently cleanse the liver.
  3. Mummy gruel: 1/2 cup of oats with 1 cup water and cook. While cooking on low add 2 tsp of chopped dates, 2 tsp of chopped prunes, sprinkle cinnamon. When finished add 2 tsp of wild blueberries. This warm breakfast is easy to digest for most people.

    Usually 1 or a combination of the above recommendations can significantly help many people have more regular movements.

    Enjoy a clean and light feeling in your abdomen all day!

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Dr. Kirsten Almon ND, CHt

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