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Resetting Your Sleep Rhythm

28 Jan

Resetting Your Sleep Rhythm

Having a baby often means getting up multiple times at night…however once the baby has grown to the toddler stage, I’ve seen many a parent say, “my kids now sleeping through the night, but I’m still on the night feeding schedule!”

This is not a good situation….being tired can mean less patience and less productivity at work amongst many other things….

A broken sleep routine is not only familiar to new parents.  Pain, stress, and even Netflix can throw off your sleep rhythm.

Here are some key strategies to ‘reset your rhythm’:

  1. Expose yourself to daytime light–get outside at lunch, even if it’s just for 15 minutes whether its overcast or sunny. Doing this helps to normalize your cortisol so that your melatonin can naturally rise after sundown.
  2. Blue blockers at night: Wear low blue light glasses from 8pm onwards. This can block artificial light that can stimulate your brain and inhibit melatonin from rising. Many of my patients have benefitted from wearing these.   Keep in mind that historically all the light we had at night was from fire (red/orange light) and from the moon.
  3. Don’t eat after dinner: fasting after dinner helps to allow cortisol levels to naturally come down. Conversely eating stimulates cortisol and can cause you to feel more awake therefore interrupting deep sleep.

    Hope this helps your snoozin’!

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