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The cigarettes of the 21st century

27 Oct

The cigarettes of the 21st century

You may or may not be aware of the advent of 5G bandwidth. This is a much stronger than 4G or 3G that we have been accustomed to for the past number of years and the potential health effects are unknown.

cell phone and laptop

One of the experts on this is Joseph Mercola who has recently released a book called, “EMF*D 5G, Wifi and Cell Phones, hidden harms and how to protect yourself”.  Here is the interview on EMFs:

Joseph is a physician and best selling author. In this interview he discusses what EMFs are, compares 5G to the tobacco industry, potential health effects and provides some solutions.

You can listen to this in the car or when chopping veggies in the kitchen while preparing dinner.

Most of my patients have heard me discuss ‘screen time’ with their kids and having healthy habits when it comes to cell phone usage.

Please forward this important information along to loved ones!

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