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Top 10 Healthy Habits

19 Jan

Add these healthy habits into your life and feel better naturally!

  • Keep cellphones away from body:
    Studies show possible link between cellphones and cancer
  • Eco-friendly cleaners:
    Use natural floor, bathroom and kitchen cleaners (like vinegar)
  • Mouth hygiene:
    Brush teeth with non-triclosan and antibiotic-free toothpaste
  • Hydrate: drink filtered or Reverse Osmosis water
  • Skin: use mineral-based makeup (check out
  • Lymph health: use deodorant – not antiperspirant
  • Sleep hygiene: Sleep away from emfs and in complete darkness
  • Circadian rhythm: get outside everyday for at least 1/2 hour as this helps to set our daytime/night time rhythms and helps with sleep.
  • Lung health: take 100 deep breaths/day
  • Heart health: exercise everyday!

We help patients implement these healthy habits at our natural health office in Mississauga.  If you would like help implementing them, we have a naturopathic group detox program starting soon.


Kirsten Almon ND

Routine is important for your health

School has started, fall is coming, and life keeps getting busier.

Routines keep our lives organized and productive but can hide some bad habits. Create healthy habits within your routines and reap the benefits in the future towards health and wellness.

What healthy habits should you be including more into your routines?

  • Walking?
  • Sleep?
  • Foods?
  • Postures?
  • Family time?
  • Time with friends?
  • Spinal Care?

This fall make a commitment to add more good habits into your routines and reduce the bad habits.

Here to help,

Dr. Callum Peever

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