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Cooperate With The Healing Powers Of Nature

26 Feb
This quote below from Dr. Christiane Northrup really speaks to the Naturopathic Doctor’s Oath:
“to cooperate with the healing powers of nature”.
All too often we quickly go to grab painkillers or other medications to numb our symptoms.
Try this instead…even if it just for a few moments….
-Suggestions from our Mississauga Naturopathic Doctor Kirsten Almon
“Your task isn’t to kill the messanger of your illness by ignoring it, complaining about it, or simply suppressing your symptoms.  Your task is to examine your life with compassion and honesty; and identify the places that are crying out for love, acceptance, harmony, and fulfillment.”

You decide if you will support or numb nature in your life

At our wellness center in Mississauga we focus on supporting your body’s natural ability to heal!  Check out some previous articles on Natural Health where we discuss how our Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, and our Chiropodist all support you towards your Naturally Healthy Self.
If you are stuck in Chronic Pain, realize that you need to act now to build out of that negative state.  Check out this article on Chronic Pain.
Contact us to discuss ways that you can support the healing powers of nature in your life.

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