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Digital X-Ray

20 Nov

Digital X-Ray

We are proud to have the ability to take digital X-Rays in our Mississauga health office thanks to Xtron Imaging.  The digital X-Ray allows us to deliver an even better quality of care to our patients.  The CareRay PACS system allows us to analyze the X-Rays many different ways with built in measurements for analyzing a spine’s alignment and structure.  It also allows us to have greater leeway in the factors used to get a perfect ‘picture’!  We are very pleased with this investment into our Wellness clinic that has been continually expanding since 1977!

The Xtron team was able to supply us with a digital receiver that fits into our bucky on the wall (Chiropractic Digital DR Flat Panel 1500 Cesium Iodide).  Because of this installation was done throughout our lunch hours and didn’t impede our patient hours.



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