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Flipping Babies

Posted By On 18 May 2021

Recently I have had the pleasure and honour to help a handful of mama's whose babies are in a breech position. Historically, many obstetricians and midwives had the skill of delivering breech babies. Read More

Hello Folks and Friends!

Posted By On 01 May 2021

Some people have been complaining lately that they feel like Bill Murray--everyday is like Groundhog day! Whenever you can bring in something new into your day, it can really help your state of mind. Read More


Posted By On 27 Apr 2021

Sniffling? Sneezing? Foggy head? Itchy skin? As I'm sure you are aware, these are all signs of allergies! Allergy symptoms can pop up at various times of the year--in the Spring it can be due to mold or trees. Read More

The Brain Can Change Itself

Posted By On 13 Apr 2021

The Earth was once thought of as flat. It was also common to think that once you killed a brain cell, that was one less than you'd ever have again. We've come a long way since those times! Read More

Thriving through the Time Change

Posted By On 12 Mar 2021

  "An extra snooze one night in autumn..." Winston Churchill Although it seems like a great idea to have an extra hour of sleep, many people (and kids!) have trouble adjusting to this time of year.   1. Lay off that candy! Read More

What’s Cooking Tonight?

Posted By On 10 Mar 2021

Coming up with tasty and inventive ideas night to night can be quite the challenge. There are so many factors at play; of those the most important being, will the kids like it? At least that's how it is at our house... Read More


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