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Hacking The Nervous System Vagus Nerve

Posted By On 11 Aug 2015

  As the longest cranial nerve out of the twelve, the vagus nerve begins at the brain stem and continues along the spine to multiple organs including the esophagus, heart, and lungs, and all the way to the abdomen. Read More

grassroots naturopathic medicine

Posted By On 24 Jul 2015

This is a great time of year to check out many of the medicinal herbs that naturally grow around us in Mississauga. One of those plants is red clover or Trifolium pratense. Read More

Fit and Pregnant

Posted By On 17 Jul 2015

I had a Naturopathic patient come to my wellness office in Mississauga the other day with great news--she's pregnant!!  In the middle of her first trimester, excited and nervous, she expressed to me that she was hesitant about exercise. Read More

Waterbabies – A gentle Transition From Womb...

Posted By On 14 Jul 2015

        Placing a pool of water in a birth room changes the atmosphere immediately.  Voices get softer, the mother stays calmer and everyone becomes less stressed.  Water has a naturally calming effect. Read More

Birth Breastfeeding And The ‘Bugs’...

Posted By On 30 Jun 2015

This is a neat little video describing how vaginal birth and breastfeeding influence our immune system and our metabolism for life! Isn't that amazing? Read More

Fear And It’s Implications During The Birth...

Posted By On 23 Jun 2015

This video by legendary midwife Ina May Gaskin is one of my favourites. Read More


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