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Changing Your Running Gait Chiropractor’s...

Posted By On 16 Jun 2015

A chiropractic patient of mine in Mississauga knows that I love to run and work with runners so she often brings me in great running articles from the newspaper to read. Read More

Foot Placement When Running Chiropractic...

Posted By On 12 Jun 2015

One of my Chiropractic patients in Mississauga wanted to share with me a Globe and Mail article titled, “Watch how your foot lands while running,” as she knows that I love to run and work with runners. Read More

Health Fair In Mississauga

Posted By On 08 Jun 2015

We had a Chiropodist, Naturopath, and Chiropractor represent us at the event.   We were very impressed with the employees at the Mississauga Kubra location.  The culture at the office was positive, friendly, curious, and interested. Read More

Mothering The Mother With Doula Care In...

Posted By On 29 May 2015

  As a perinatal naturopathic doctors, we encourage the woman and her partner to become educated throughout the prenatal period regarding the many choices there are surrounding childbirth – primary caregiver, location, intervention,... Read More

Anterior Compartmental Syndrome Addressed By Our...

Posted By On 26 May 2015

A Patient presented to our chiropodist office in Mississauga with a diagnosis of Anterior Compartmental Syndrome, which they received from sports medicine doctors previously. Read More

Long Weekend Checklist From Our Mississauga...

Posted By On 13 May 2015

Warmer weather is here! FIngers are crossed for sunny mild long weekend coming up! Here is a check list of naturopathic tips you can use this weekend and when camping all summer. Enjoy! BUG REPELLANT: FIRST AID KIT: °         1. Read More


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