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Shoveling Again in Mississauga

Posted By On 11 Feb 2015

The snow keeps coming in Mississauga this winter and discussions with patients turn to shoveling techniques in order to not injure their backs. Read More

Shoulder Suggestions From Our Mississauga...

Posted By On 10 Feb 2015

I constantly see patients who have shoulder pain and problems and have great success in helping their bodies naturally heal their frustrating shoulder injuries when they are under chiropractic care. Read More

Being Present

Posted By On 03 Feb 2015

We are too often focused on the future - What we want and who we want to become. Make an effort to master being present - Focus on now and appreciate life as it happens. I make an effort to do this with my patients when I work with them. Read More

Pump Bump Haglund

Posted By On 26 Jan 2015

WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? Haglund deformity is commonly known as a "pump bump" or retrocalcaneal bursitis. It presents as a painful enlargement of the back of the heel bone that becomes irritated by shoe gear. HOW DOES IT FEEL? Read More

Top 10 Healthy Habits

Posted By On 19 Jan 2015

We help patients implement these healthy habits at our natural health office in Mississauga.  If you would like help implementing them, we have a naturopathic group detox program starting soon. Read More

Proper Breathing

Posted By On 06 Jan 2015

In our office we commonly see patients with poor breathing skills. This is amazing as we breathe all day! Improper breathing comes when all the effort to breathe is done with your rib cage. Read More


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