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Let’s not be nearsighted on this issue

24 Mar

Here below is a great article on increased screen time and it’s connection with myopia-otherwise known as nearsightedness. You may or may not have been aware of this nearsighted condition and an initial response may be -“what’s the issue with that?” The issue with myopia is that it significantly increases the risks of the following: retinal tearing (21 times greater), glaucoma (40 times) and cataracts (6 times). There can be strategies implemented to help avoid…

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20 Mar

Potty Talk

Potty Talk Yes we are talking about it and you don’t have to blush—a question I ask all of my patients, “How are your bowel movements?” Some people start by saying, ‘normal’. I ask what that means. The answers varies from 1x/day to 1x/week(!) Truth be told, it is ideal…

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16 Mar

Support that Immune System

Support that Immune System There are so many herbs, vitamins and wonderful natural products that help to support the lymphocytes. Here below are some of my favourite immune system natural products that we have at our Mississauga Naturopathic clinic! I have many organized mommies that come at the beginning of…

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15 Mar

Natural air fresheners make scents…

Natural air fresheners make scents… There are many natural options when it comes to freshening up the air in your environment. It may be anything from opening up a window to using a sophisticated aromatizer with essential oils. On the flip side, toxic compounds inhaled can have harmful effects on…

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11 Mar
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How Does Dr. Peever Keep the Fish Tank So Clean?

How Does Dr. Peever Keep the Fish Tank So Clean? At Erin Mills Optimum Health we have a fish tank that catches the eye of our Mississauga patients for how clean and well maintained it is.  They often ask how we keep our fish tank so clean!  The owner of…

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9 Mar

Warm Breakfast for Sensitive Tummies

Warm Breakfast for Sensitive Tummies I have some patients that when the wind doesn’t blow right (no pun intended!) it throws off their gut. During the Winter and early Spring months, if you are one of these people, give your stomach a little extra TLC and serve up some warm…

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