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The Scratch That Itches

Posted By On 27 Oct 2020

Your skin is a very good indicator of what is going on inside. With eczema, most doctors will prescribe a cream to help to stop the itching and redness. While this is sometimes needed in an acute situation, it is not a good long-term solution. Read More

Tips For New Mamas

Posted By On 21 Oct 2020

  Attention new mamas or mamas with new babes! First of all-- congrats on the new addition to the family. Having a little baby is wonderful but also can be a bit of a whirlwind. Read More

The Unsung Hero – Lymphatic System

Posted By On 20 Oct 2020

What is the lymphatic system and is it worth knowing about? The answer--absolutely! The lymphatic system is like the unsung hero of your body and here are the details: Your lymph, like your blood vessels, runs all over your body. Read More

Super Babies

Posted By On 18 Oct 2020

For you couples out there who are thinking of having a baby, what do you envision for your baby's future? Nobel prize winner? NFL superstar? Healthy, happy and able-bodied until they're 99? Read More

Activator Institute VT Virtual Training

Posted By On 14 Oct 2020

Activator Methods International recently released the Activator Institute VT or Virtual Training through Lightspeed. Read More

My feet have been hurting

Posted By On 14 Oct 2020

Patients often complain of foot pain to us in our Mississauga health clinic.  It is a common complaint that can take a lot of effort to correct. Often times their is an overuse or improper use component to the feet hurting. Read More


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