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Learn to Juggle with Dr. Callum Peever –...

Posted By On 24 Apr 2013

Lately I have been teaching patients how to juggle. Not only is it a fun way to pass some time and interact with new people, but it allows me a time to teach the patients about the importance of learning new complex tasks and brain development. Read More

Common Exercise Mistakes (& How to Avoid...

Posted By On 11 Apr 2013

Exercise is an important ritual that keeps you strong, healthy and ready to meet the challenges of everyday life. Read More

Kids Health

Posted By On 09 Oct 2012

Back to school and changes in weather can all be stressful for children and their immune systems. Here are some tips to keep your kids healthy and happy: 1. Read More

Planning On Having A Baby?

Posted By On 18 Sep 2012

Here are the top 6 tips for preparing your body for pregnancy: 1. Assessment: Blood work, salivary hormone testing and hair analysis can assess your overall health and heavy metal load. Read More

Brain Food: The Best Naturopathic Advice for the...

Posted By On 28 Aug 2012

Research has shown that engaging in various activities and consuming certain foods and supplements can help improve memory and brain function.  This is amazingly powerful as for a long time this was not thought to be the case. Read More

Chiropactic for Mid-Back Pain

Posted By On 02 Aug 2012

When people think of Chiropractors, most think of treatments for lower back pain. Read More


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