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ELBOW PAIN: Do you play golf or tennis?

Posted By On 28 May 2012

When painful symptoms show up in your elbow, one of the first things your Chiropractor will ask is whether you play tennis or golf. Why do you have elbow pain? Read More

Chiropractic from Head to Toe: NECK PAIN

Posted By On 10 May 2012

HOT OFF THE PRESS - Recent news results in the same conclusions as the old news: Chiropractic is the most effective tool for neck pain! Read More

Children and Chronic Pain

Posted By On 06 Mar 2012

Your Chiropractor will confirm that chronic pain is a widespread but often under-reported health problem.  Its impact on society is enormous. In the US alone, the costs are approaching $600 billion annually (healthcare and lost productivity). Read More

Chiropractic – Is It Safe for Seniors?

Posted By On 06 Dec 2011

One of the amazing things about Chiropractic care is that everyone and every body can benefit from it; Chiropractic care is not gender or age-specific. This is a very good thing, since Americans are growing older and older at an alarming rate. Read More

The Top 5 Reason to get Adjusted by your...

Posted By On 15 Nov 2011

For over a hundred years, Chiropractic patients have been heralding the benefits of Chiropractic adjustments for all who would listen. Read More

Innate Intelligence and its Relation to...

Posted By On 11 Oct 2011

Innate Intelligence - a Chiropractic principle that supports your overall health and well-being! When your life began, there were only two cells that came together to be ONE. Read More


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