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Carpal Tunnel and Headaches

Pressure on your nerves is not good for you. It presents differently in many people but commonly is seen as headaches and problems through the wrists and hands. Dr. Peever discusses this with the CDI college students in this video.

Transcript – Carpal Tunnel and headaches

Continued from CDI lecture:

Pressure on the neck, I hinted at a few things that can happen – Headaches, shoulders, eyes, neck, arms, down to the hands.

Who has heard of carpal tunnel?

What have you been doing for it?


Surgery? – Surgery is the last resort. There is so many things that you have to be doing before that. Including watching your postures, watching the pressure through the wrist, and making sure it is adjusted by a Chiropractor to make sure those wires get from your brain down to your wrist without being pushed on by the bony structures along the way.

Who else has headaches?

What do you do for them? Take a Tylenol?

At the beginning of a career you want to figure it out. Your body will tell you these little clues along the way and a headache is one of them. The headache isn’t usually the problem but a warning sign or response to a problem. A problem with our current cultural mindset is that we learn our health information from TV commercials. Such as if you are thirsty…drink coke. (Not water…). When you’re tired, Drink Coffee…(Not sleep). When you are sneezing, take an allergy pill (don’t bother cleaning the house). We want to realize these signals that the body’s telling us and not just ignore them. With headaches, yes Tylenol can change the pain, but the reason the headache is there is not because you don’t have enough drugs in your diet.

Take an alternative approach to your headaches and carpal tunnel.

Dr. Callum Peever

Dr. Callum Peever is a Chiropractor in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health.  He is also the active Co-President of the Halton Peel Chiropractic Society, Regional Director in Toronto for Activator Methods International, the past Director of the Halton Urban Core Community Health Centre Chiropractic Clinic, and a Clinical Instructor teaching the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique to fellow Chiropractors.



Chiropractic – A Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most common nerve entrapment syndrome. It is a painful condition caused by irritation or compression of the median nerve.  In one survey of the general population, approximately 14.4% reported having symptoms resembling CTS – including numbness, tingling, weakness and pain.  Patient complaints are usually limited to the thumb and index finger, but in some cases may also involve the rest of the hand, the wrist and even the forearm.

One of the most commonly reported causes of carpal tunnel symptoms is inflammation of the tendons passing through the carpal tunnel.  However, irritation of the median nerve can also be caused by displacement of one of the carpal bones, or irritation of the nerve at other locations – such as the neck, should or near the elbow. Activities known to contribute to this type of syndrome are those associated with repetitive contraction of the small muscles of the hand: like typing, knitting or sewing. However, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and stroke, CTS is most common among assembly-line workers.

Because Chiropractors are accustomed to dealing with problems of the joints, muscles and nerves, many patients with CTS will consult with their Chiropractor.This is a good thing, because although medical options can help reduce the intensity of CTS symptoms in the vast majority of cases, surgery can be rather expensive, plus the success rate for complete resolution from carpal tunnel syndrome has been estimated as low as 60%.  Not to mention, there are also reported side-effects involved with surgery, including other nerve damage and delayed wound healing.

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