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Naturopathic Medicine and a Child’s Development

Naturopathic Medicine and a Child’s Development

For any of you parents out there,  we are talking about play today and how important it is for kids and a way to connect with children.

This book is fantastic:
Playful parenting by Cohen
There are many jewels of information in this easy and fun read. It’s one of those books you can read a few pages, put it down and come back to it.
Any video or book from Joseph Chilton Pearce
An educator on children’s minds and heart development. He is able to communicate on children’s development with research in a very matter-of-fact way.
Two videos from him are:
Here’s a short video on how play is learning

Here’s another video on how play is the ultimate lightness of being

For more information on how Naturopathic medicine can help a child’s development, come to book in today!

by Dr. Kirsten Almon ND in Mississauga


The Brain and Spinal Cord representing the nerve system

Epilepsy Seizure Disorders Chiropractic

Epilepsy / Seizure Disorders and Chiropractic

Below are exciting research articles that can give hope to people who have epilepsy or seizure disorders.  It highlights the importance that the spinal cord and spine can have on seizures.  Read the articles below and become curious.  If you have questions, ask!


Medically, there are many pharmacological and invasive strategies to attempt to reduce the episodes –

But what can be done naturally to support a child with epilepsy or seizure disorders?

Chiropractic care is a great way to naturally support a person with epilepsy or seizure disorders.

How does Chiropractic support a person with Epilepsy or seizure disorders?

Chiropractic care aims to support the body naturally by reducing interference on the nervous system that is created by the bones of the spine. When interference or irritation of the nerve system is reduced with the help of specific Chiropractic adjustments the body has a better ability to function. This is beneficial in children and adults who are living with epilepsy or seizure disorders as it is a neurological problem that is greatly affecting function in the nerve system.

How do I know if there is nerve interference created by the bones of the spine?

A nervous system that is irritated and interfered with is not always painful. Many times the body simply has a difficulty functioning and can go haywire. For that reason, a Chiropractic exam is important.

A Chiropractic exam will help to identify areas of the spine that can be interfering with the nerve system. These areas are called vertebral subluxations. If there are vertebral subluxations, a plan will be created that aims to reduce the nerve interference by addressing the subluxations – supporting the body towards a natural state of health.

We are here to help,

Dr. Callum Peever – Chiropractor in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health

Epilepsy and seizure disorders: a review of literature relative to chiropractic care of children. Pistolese RA



To review the currently available literature regarding chiropractic care relative to patients with epilepsy, particular emphasis being placed on those who have epilepsy as children.


The Index to Chiropractic Literature was searched for the years 1980 through 1998 through use of the keywords epilepsy and seizure. The MANTIS database was searched for the years 1970 through 2000 through use of the Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) keywords chiropractic, epilepsy, seizure, and child/children. In addition, a MEDLINE search of the literature was performed for the years 1966 through 2000 through use of the same subject headings.


The present study reviews 17 reports of pediatric epileptic patients receiving chiropractic care. Fourteen of the 17 patients were receiving anticonvulsive medications, which had proven unsuccessful in the management of the condition. Upper cervical care to correct vertebral subluxation was administered to 15 patients, and all reported positive outcomes as a result of chiropractic care.


Chiropractic care may represent a nonpharmaceutical health care approach for pediatric epileptic patients. Current anecdotal evidence suggests that correction of upper cervical vertebral subluxation complex might be most beneficial. It is suggested that chiropractic care be further investigated regarding its role in the overall health care management of pediatric epileptic patients.

Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton

Dr. Callum Peever and Dr. Aisling Lanigan took time to educate and answer questions from the Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton organization September 30, 2013. Dr. Callum Peever focused on the concepts of Chiropractic and how they can be applied to people living with the various forms of Epilepsy. Dr. Aisling Lanigan discussed Naturopathic strategies to address people living with Epilepsy. Check out their organization at http://www.epilepsyhaltonpeel.org/

Erin Mills Optimum Health focuses on helping you live life to your optimum level, regardless of condition or disease.

epilepsy halton peel hamilton
Carol, Dr. Peever, and Dr. Lanigan presenting at the Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton meeting

Chiropractic care and Epileptic Seizure improvement

The spine has a large connection to the spinal cord which can impact a person’s brain neurology.  Below is a research report on a case where a patient’s chiropractic care was able to help her improve her epileptic seizures. Incredible to see the power of an adjustment to improve a young lady’s life! – Dr. Callum Peever

Resolution of Chronic Epileptic Seizures & Improved Cervical Curve Following Chiropractic Care: A Case Report

 “Objective: The purpose of this case study is to consider the effectiveness of chiropractic care on a young female with a case of epilepsy.”

“Clinical Features: A 21-year-old female presented with epilepsy that had plagued her for over a year. She claimed to suffer from two to three seizures a week while on a high dose of an antiepileptic drug. She lost 50 pounds and developed depression, anxiety, migraines, allergies, severe fatigue and memory loss.”

“Intervention and Outcomes: The patient underwent chiropractic adjustments along with traction, wobble and head weight exercises used by Pettibon practitioners. She received diversified high velocity spinal adjustments to reduce her subluxations that were found using x-ray analysis and palpitation. The patient reported a change in her symptoms after two months of care with a cessation of all seizures after six months.”

“Conclusions: Diversified chiropractic adjustments paired with cervical traction, wobble and anterior head weights seem to provide beneficial relief for a young female suffering from epilepsy. Research on chiropractic and epilepsy is limited and it is recommended to further research the connection between the two.”

“Due to the limitations in the effectiveness faced with antiepileptic drugs, alternative methods are being used globally to gain control over the seizures. These alternative methods include changes in diet, increase in exercise and a decrease in stress.”

How a subluxated spine can impact epileptic seizures

A subluxation is when a bone in the spine is misaligned and creating interference on the nerves.  This can have large impacts on how the brain and body are able to function, as seen in this case.  Fortunately, by addressing these subluxations in the spine the interference on the nerves can be reduced and function improved.  Read further to see how the researches connect how a subluxated spine can impact epilepsy, and how a chiropractic adjustment can help.

“Because the patient experienced seizures in the temporal lobe, a theoretical model can be proposed of the connection between the adjustment and its effect on the temporal lobe. During an adjustment, muscle spindles, golgi tendon organs, and mechanoreceptors become activated. The information can be sent through the spinothalamic tract.”

“Kent suggests that biomechanical dysfunction caused by a subluxation can alter the signals sent by these nociceptors and mechanoreceptors. The premise of this theory is that an altered input can lead altered output or dysponesis. The most basic definition of a vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the vertebra that causes interference in the nervous system.”

“An alteration of the message sent from these receptors to the brain via spinothalamic tract can cause altered reception according to the dysafferentation theory. Altered information can cause hyper-activity of the tract that would be interpreted ad a hyper-responsiveness sent to the temporal lobe. This hyper-activity of the temporal lobe is seen in those with temporal lobe seizures.”


“A case of a 23-year-old female suffering from grand mal seizures was presented. The patient’s symptoms improved shortly into care and resolved completely six months into care. Her condition was improved under Diversified and Pettitbon chiropractic care while also using cervical traction, wobble and anterior head weights. The purpose of this paper was to hypothesize a connection between vertebral subluxations and temporal lobe epilepsy.”

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Chiropractic Care For Children

Five Myths About Chiropractic Care For Children

Five Myths About Chiropractic Care For Children

There was an article in the Canadian Chiropractor magazine in May 2015 that I would like to share with my patients in Mississauga.  The article is titled “Five myths about care for children” and highlights and responds to the myths associated with Chiropractic care for children.

The five myths that they highlight regarding Chiropractic for Children are:

  • Chiropractic care for children is new
  • Children don’t need Chiropractic care
  • Chiropractors use the same techniques on children as adults
  • There are no real experts in Chiropractic care for children
  • Chiropractors don’t collaborate with pediatricians and medical doctors

The last paragraph highlights it all regarding Chiropractic for Children:

“Chiropractic care for kids is not new. Children benefit from chiropractic care. Techniques for children are safe and nowhere near as forceful as they may be for adults. Many [Chiropractors] are qualified experts, and many child-focused chiropractors establish strong connections with medical doctors. The truth is, [chiropractors] can and do share the benefits of their profession with patients across the entire age spectrum.”

 Where is a great resource to learn more about Chiropractic Care for kids?

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) is a great resource to learn more about Chiropractic Care for kids.  They have an excellent website and have great resources that I use as a Chiropractor as well.  The Pathways to Family Wellness magazine is also a great resource for parents looking for “Holistic Insights, Empowering Resources.”

If you have any questions that you’d like to discuss with me, I’d be able to answer them from a Chiropractor’s perspective.

Kids need Chiropractic Too!

Dr. Callum Peever

Rolling Over Already! With Help From Child Chiropractors

My son is now four months old and babbling up a storm! He surprised us (and himself) the other day and rolled over! I thought it must have been a fluke, there is NO way he should be growing up this fast, but sure enough he has continued to roll and is very proud of himself.

After overcoming my initial shock I knew I had to call Erin Mills Optimum Health and have him seen by one of the four child Chiropractors in the clinic. Since the adjustment he is able to hold his head up longer and steadier and continues to roll with ease.

Although I work here (and might be slightly biased) I love the care the whole family has received at the clinic. This isn’t a stuffy clinic but a full Chiropractic wellness centre located in Mississauga. The doctors are all trained child Chiropractors and have taken the time to educate me as a new mom what milestones we should be looking for to book in Chiropractic adjustments in addition to the routine maintenance.

Yvonne, new Mom and part of the Front Desk Staff

one of our smallest chiropractic patients from infancy to elderly

Kids can accomplish amazing things – Chiropractic can help

My brother recently sent me a video of a 1.5 year old child skiing that is quite amazing.

Another video that shows how some amazing things kids can achieve is professional wakeboarder Parks Bonifay waterskiing at 6 months+ 29 days old.

Parks Bonifay Documentary – Wake Teaser by VASentertainment

These feats are incredible to see, but would not be possible if a child was progressing through life slowly – unable to balance or turn their heads properly, unable to coordinate their movements. By checking infants and children throughout their life a Chiropractor can help children adjust to challenges that they are facing immediately.

This helps kids express themselves and accomplish incredible things at such an early age, if that is what they want to do (and their parents). And as children are learning new skills, it is even more important to get them checked regularly by a Chiropractor. This helps keep their spine and nerve system in check along the way. This can all be done naturally through gentle and specific Chiropractic adjustments.

What will your children accomplish?


Chiropractic Care For Kids

Kids Need Chiropractic Too!

There is a growing interest in Chiropractic care for kids.

We often see that when people experience how Chiropractic can help, they naturally ask if their kids would experience the same positive effect from our care.

The answer is yes! Kids need Chiropractic too!

Amazingly, children regularly experience an even quicker response to Chiropractic care than adults. This can be due to adults having poor habits ingrained into their lives and spines and children having such a high vitality.

Why do children get checked by a Chiropractor?

Children should be checked by a Chiropractor because of the importance of a child’s spine and nervous system. A properly functioning spine and nervous system is essential to good health. A Chiropractor can support the proper functioning of a child’s spine throughout their development naturally. This can greatly impact how a child grows and experiences life.

Children also should be checked often due to the incredible amount of physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that they have to adapt to while they are growing and learning their new world.  Read below for some milestones that are important to get a chiropractic check up for your baby.

Insure the health of the next generation with regular family chiropractic care.

The late Larry Webster, D.C., the father of chiropractic care for children and founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, wrote numerous articles on the need for chiropractic for children. He said that there are six times in a baby’s first year of life when spinal examinations are especially important:

1. After the birth process.
2. When the baby starts to hold his/her head up.
3. When the baby sits up.
4. When the baby starts to crawl.
5. When the baby starts to stand.
6. When the baby starts to walk.

Learning to walk can certainly create some spinal stress on our little ones!

Here is a video of Dr. Callum Peever’s little girl learning how to walk at 1 year old.  All the little stumbles certainly add up! This little girl is fortunate that her father is a Chiropractor and can help ensure that her spine and pelvis stays subluxation free!


With all you do for your newborn child, please ensure his or her spinal health with a chiropractic spinal checkup.  We can help in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health. We look forward to meeting your little one! – Contact Us.

For information on chiropractic and healthy birth visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association at http://www.icpa4kids.org.  – Dr. Callum Peever has attended some ICPA events and commented on them here.

Curious about Chiropractic care for children?

In this blog we discuss and link to common myths associated with Chiropractic care and children.

International Chiropractic Pediatric Association for Adjusting Kids

I had the opportunity to attend an ICPA conference in Toronto for adjusting infants, toddlers, kids, and children. It was great to learn more ways to analyze an infant and toddler’s spine for subluxation. It always amazes me how incredible the human body is when you can input such a gentle touch and have such an incredible reaction to a child’s body functioning.

The majority of the testing was comparing muscle tone of identical muscles from left to right to determine what the body was attempting to do. If the body was attempting to move an Atlas (the first vertebrae in the neck) from right to left but was unable to accomplish this because the joint was resisting the movement then this is identifiable through gentle touch by a trained Chiropractor. The specific and corrective adjustment supports the body in its attempt to align the spine.

As the tree is bent so grows the tree.

The importance of having a child’s spine checked for subluxations regularly was also highlighted during the course. Not only is the birth process challenging for a mother but for a baby too. The earlier the spine can be checked for any subluxations the less time the body has to function in a poor position. Also, the rate at which kids grow is astounding. My daughter is almost 6 weeks old as I write this and I am trying to slow time down as I watch her change, grow, and learn. As she starts to experience life and learn new things her body and spine will be put under new strains and she will experience more falls, slips, and twists. By checking her regularly for subluxations in her spine I plan on making life as enjoyable and positive for her. Also, these small mechanical and neurological skills she is learning so quickly are being ingrained into her nervous system everyday and at every moment. If she is in a poor position or is subluxated in her neck or pelvis these movements will develop imperfectly over time. The longer these imperfect behaviors are left to time the more improper the behaviour will be as an adult. That’s why as a Chiropractor I am curious about an adults childhood history, as bad and good body habits in the past are one reason why you are who you are now.

Insure the Health of the next generation with regular Chiropractic care!

Dr. Callum Peever

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Children and Chronic Pain

Children and Chronic Pain

Your Chiropractor will confirm that chronic pain is a widespread but often under-reported health problem.  Its impact on society is enormous. In the US alone, the costs are approaching $600 billion annually (healthcare and lost productivity). What has come as a surprise to may medical researchers is the amount of children who suffer from chronic pain conditions. The American Pain Foundation reports up to 30 percent of children and adolescents endure chronic pain, which generally peaks in kids around 14-15 years of age.

A 2011 Canadian medical study reviewed research published in the past 20 years on children and chronic pain, and it revealed the problem is affecting more kids than ever before.  The review also indicated girls experience chronic pain more often than boys; however, the reason for this remain unclear.  The research reviewers noted that social and psychological factors may influence the development of chronic pain, including “anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and low socioeconomic status.”

Your Chiropractor knows pain is often intimately linked to your body’s central nervous system. For example, when you experience nerve interference in the spine (subluxations), extra irritation to the nervous system could cause a signal that is interpreted as pain, when normally the same signal would not in the absence of subluxations. By correcting the subluxations, your Chiropractor normalized nervous system tone. This is why it is important to have regular adjustments to help keep your nervous system in optimal condition and prevent pain before it starts!

To Read The Full Article, And Get Clues For Parents… Click On The Link Below.

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