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Flu Busters

Flu Busters!

With the temperature outside going up and down, it can be harder on our immune systems to fight off colds and flu. There are many natural and fun ways to support the immune system that can start in the comfort of your home.

On that note, here are my top 5 immune boosters for families!

  1. Vitamin D with K2: Vitamin K2 is the latest and greatest vitamin that aids vitamin D. (Not to be taken if you are on a blood thinner)
  2. Essential oils for tub time: adding 1-3 drops of an organic essential oil such as tea tree or eucalyptus while the tub is filling allows for the lungs and sinus to stay open and get rid of any stubborn mucus.
  3. Coat that throat! Elderberry syrup ½ tsp/day taken as a tea or added to a shake or on its own is a delicious way to ward off bacteria – even strep!
  4. Tea time: there are so many wonderful teas that help strengthen the immune system—my all-time favourite is gingerbread tea
    -2 inches of ginger chopped
    -2 cinnamon sticks
    -the rind and juice of 1 organic lemon.
    Add these to 4 cups of water and simmer covered for 20 minutes. Add to mugs with 1 tsp of unpasteurized honey* for a warming lovely tea.
  5. Soup it up! The collagen that is extracted from chicken or beef bones while making soup still stands as an important flu-fighter. Use cooked bones and add to a slow cooker full of filtered water and the juice of a lemon or lime (this helps extract the goodness of the bones). Do this for 12-24 hours for the best soup stock.

Use 1 or all of these suggestions in rotation. At our house I strive to make soup 1/week, have the gingerbread tea 1/week and do the essential oil tubbies, elderberry and vitamin D/K daily.

*Avoid unpasteurized honey in anyone under the age of 1 years old.

For more questions on your immune system, mineral status or anything else health related, book in with Dr. Almon ND today!

Aisling Lanigan and Michael Callachan

Keep Sickness Away

Hi everyone!

Cold and flu season is upon us once again so I thought I would offer some insight on how you can keep sickness away in order to be flu-free this winter.

Here are my 5 suggestions to keep sickness away:

1. Vitamin D:

The sunshine vitamin is typically lacking in the winter as the sun is less intense in the winter and many people do not get enough sun exposure as sun bathing in January in Canada is unpopular. There are few good food sources of vitamin D adding to the problem. Supplementing vitamin D, specifically D3, is the only way to prevent deficiency over the winter months. Why am I telling you this? Because vitamin D is important for immune function. Having adequate D3 levels tempers the inflammatory response of some white blood cells while boosting the production of antimicrobial proteins of others. Vitamin D is generally inexpensive and safe at dosages necessary to optimize levels in the body. It is a fat soluble vitamin so for proper absorption it needs to be in a fat emulsion so make sure you are taking a liquid or gel capsule version of D3.

2. Sleep:

Sleep is important to immune function. It ranks as one of the more important things you can do to prevent colds and flus. The National Sleep Foundation says that inadequate sleep has a negative impact on immune function, and chronic sleep deprivation can increase the likelihood of contracting infectious disease. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. If you are having issues getting the necessary amount of sleep seek out help and be well rested and free of infectious disease!

3. Stress:

Keep your stress levels as low as you can. Stress negatively impacts your immune system. High stress levels impair normal immune function making it work harder thereby lowering resistance to infection. While it is likely not possible to completely remove all stress, discharging stress and preventing build up of stress will pay off with less colds and flus. Reducing stress will have positive impacts in many different areas of your life.

4. Nutrition:

Eating a healthy balanced diet has been shown to boost immune function. Have lots of garlic! It has antimicrobial properties that may help prevent infection. Plus it tastes great. Keeping hydrated will also have positive effects on immunity. Drink lots of water and herbal teas to help keep your watery insides moist and happy.

5. Hygiene:

Frequent hand washing has been shown time and again to help prevent infection. Keep your hands clean. Even if you do get sick keep your hands clean to prevent spreading colds and flus to others. Flu virus particles can be spread up to 6 feet as aerosols from coughing and sneezing. Cover your mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing. Do not use your hands, as this will facilitate transmission via contamination of surfaces that you subsequently touch.

There you have it friends, 5 reasonable and effective ways to keep sickness away in order to prevent colds and flus this winter. If you do get sick, stay home. You need your rest and going out into the world will make you sicker or prolong your illness and risk spreading it to others. There are treatments that Naturopathic Doctors use that can help reduce the length of illness and the severity. If such treatment options are of interest to you please discuss them with a Naturopathic Doctor.

Thanks for reading everyone,

Dr. Michael Callachan

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How to Boost your Immune System

How to boost your immune system

Treatment and Prevention of Colds, Flus and General Immune System Support

Naturopathic Treatment of colds and flus:


Vitamin C: There is a treatment for the common cold after all. Vitamin C given in doses of 1000-8000 mg per day may reduce the duration of a cold episode by as much as 48%. [Does Vitamin C Alleviate the Symptoms of the Common Cold? – A Review of Current Evidence Scan J Infect Dis 1994;26:1-4.]

Oregano or Berberis complex: these herbs are anti-microbial. When taken 3x/day can stop any bacterial infection and decrease sick days.

Children and Adult’s Cold and Flu Elixir: for coughs, colds and flu this delicious elixir is gentle enough for children, but adults can also benefit from taking it.

Warming Socks: ask our Naturopathic Doctors or front desk for a copy on how to do this wonderful treatment that stimulates the body’s immune system to get busy to fight off colds.

Nebulized Glutathione: this in-house treatment given by our Naturopathic Doctors helps to break up mucous and hasten the recovery of bronchitis and sinusitis.

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