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Resolution Of Neck Pain

Resolution Of Neck Pain, Numbness, And Frozen Shoulder With Activator Chiropractic Care

This case study is of a 67 year old man who was suffering with neck pain, arm numbness, and a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis).  The neck pain and right arm numbness had been there for 2 years and the left shoulder had been frozen for 20 years.  This Chiropractic patient regained full shoulder motion and had almost no neck pain in one month of Chiropractic care!

Imagine if he had received Chiropractic care earlier?

Imagine what his life would be like if he wasn’t suffering for 20 years? 2 years?

Don’t suffer needlessly.

It is great to see these case studies in the new research as it highlights a real patients experience and impact on their life.  I frequently see patients in Mississauga with frozen shoulder, neck pain, and arm numbness respond well to Activator Methods Chiropractic care.  The nice thing with these case studies is that you can share the patient encounter with the World.  This particular study in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research happened in New Zealand at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, and I am sharing it with my Chiropractic patients in Mississauga – Amazing.

 What Chiropractic Technique was used in this research study?

The Chiropractic technique that was used in this study was the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique.  This is the Chiropractic technique that I use in my Mississauga office for my patients. It is a great way to specifically adjust the spine while remaining gentle – and the results that we see are incredible!

Dr. Callum Peever – Mississauga Chiropractor at Erin Mills Optimum Health

Chiropractic from Head to Toe: NECK PAIN


HOT OFF THE PRESS – Recent news results in the same conclusions as the old news: Chiropractic is the most effective tool for neck pain!

According to a recent study,published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Chiropractic is still head and shoulders above medical options when it comes to the treatment of neck pain.  In this study, researchers randomly allocated 272 patients with acute or sub-acute neck pain to one of three groups: Chiropractic care, medical care (prescriptions) or home exercises with advice.  Treatments were administered as needed, for up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Chiropractic results were obtained in an average of only 6 patients visits over the 12 week period. Treatments included Chiropractic adjustments. Medical treatments included prescriptions for symptoms, which usually comprised of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories, and/or Acetominophen. Muscle-relaxants or narcotics were also occasionally prescribed when the first options were ineffective.

Chiropractic adjustments can often immediately reduce the painful pressure and irritation of joints, nerves and surrounding soft tissue caused by vertebral subluxations.  To prolong the benefits of Chiropractic care, stretching and exercising is a logical choice – as it can help to maintain a better state of relaxation in the nervous system, plus augment the strength and flexibility of the spine, which can aid in preventing painful misalignments and imbalances of the neck.

Regular Chiropractic care, plus an ongoing regimen of stretches and exercises (at a reasonable frequency and duration), is your best bet for a healthy, pain-free neck!

Learn more about postures that can keep your neck moving and feeling its best!

Learn more about how sleeping can create that pain in your neck!

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Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident

Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident

When it comes to car accidents, paramedics are often the first health care professionals who attend to your needs.  Their job is to assess whether you should be rushed to the hospital for immediate medical treatment or deal with any life-threatening injuries right on the scene.  Fractures, concussions, lacerations and other potential internal injuries will necessitate your escorted trip to the hospital.
Some people encounter pain and tension right away. For others, the symptoms may get worse over time. This typically results in the neck moving very rapidly through an excessive range of motion, contributing to hyperflexion-hyperextension injuries that can affect soft tissues in the neck as well as joint capsules and intervertebral discs. Whiplash is the name often associated with car accident neck injuries.

Depending upon the degree of injury, your recommended course of action will differ. To determine what you should do, first consult with your Chiropractor. Chiropractors are MSK specialists. They have the know-how to assess and treat almost any problem related to the nerves, muscles, joints and connective tissues of the spine.

Your Chiropractor will conduct a physical assessment of you and determine the best course of action.

Contact our Mississauga Chiropractic office for help in recovering from your car accident.

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