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one of our smallest chiropractic patients from infancy to elderly

chiropractic care for infancy to the elderly

Chiropractic Care for everyone, from infancy to the elderly

Over the years of working at a holistic health centre in Mississauga, I have witnessed the benefits of Chiropractic care for everyone from infancy to the elderly. I have experienced the benefits first hand for the treatment of my migraines, and since having my son he is now experiencing those benefits as well from one of our four Chiropractors who are all trained in pediatrics.

 I have witnessed the benefits of Chiropractic care for everyone from infancy to the elderly.

Pregnancy and giving birth is a different experience for every Mom. I was lucky enough to know about Chiropractic care and its benefits. Once I found out I was expecting, it was a smooth transition to continue care throughout my pregnancy.  Continuing care helped to reduce back pain and keep my body in optimal health. This allowed me to have the 100% natural delivery with my son that I had hoped for. After my son was delivered, it seemed only fitting to have him checked out, in Mississauga by one of our pediatric Chiropractors.

My husband and I took our son, at four days of age, to be examined by Dr. Ken Peever. Dr. Peever did a full and gentle examination of our son, as pregnancy and delivery can be stressful on not just the mother but the baby as well.  Upon examination Dr. Peever noticed that one of my son’s hips had less mobility than the other. After a small adjustment my son was kicking both of his legs and the mobility had been corrected.

After settling into our new routine as parents my husband and I noticed that our son seemed to be crying frequently and spitting up more often after his feedings. We returned to the Chiropractic clinic and had our son adjusted by the pediatric chiropractors once more. Almost immediately we noticed that the crying decreased and his digestion improved.  Our son is now two and a half months old and we have discussed routine care and spinal maintenance, and we will be returning for adjustments to Erin Mills Optimum Health at our son’s developmental milestones.

Yvonne, New Mom and part of the Front Desk Staff