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Foot Specialist

Quiz from the Chiropodist

Quiz from our Mississauga Chiropodist

1. People with flat feet sometimes become clumsy after prolonged walking or running? True or False

2. Which foot condition mainly affects women? Bunions, plantar warts, or ingrown toenails?

3. Which population has the highest percentage of flat feet? Elderly, Teenagers, Men, or Babies?

4. What do all of the questions have in common?



1- True – Flat-footed people are sometimes clumsy and fatigued from prolonged walking or running. Shoes with well made prescription orthotics supports from a Chiropodist can help with these problems and prevent falls and tireness, as well as prevent other problems such as ankle, leg, knee, hip and back problems.

2- Bunions – Common in ballet dancers, a bunion is a painful lump at the base of the big toe, which may cause the toe to bend unnaturally. It forms when the tissue or bone at the base joint gets displaced. This may happen after years of abnormal pressure and movement. Pointy-toed shoes are a commone factor, which explains the prevalence o bunions among women. Pain relievers, pads to cushion the bunion may help with a pain temporarily.  Custom foot orthotics combined with better footwear is the most common and successful option to prevent it getting worse. To avoid bunions, it is best to wear roomy shoes and avoid high heels.

3- Babies – All babies have flat feet. This is because their arches are not yet formed and because baby feet tend to be plump. Flat feet may persist into adulthood, though an arch may form as the child grows. Our chiropodist (foot specialist) suggest allowing nature to take its course until age 4 or 5. If there is a family history of flat looking feet, than the indications and likelihood of early treatment are strong to prevent further damage.

4- Feet and orthotics – Our Chiropodist Kiran has all the answers regarding orthotics.  If you have any questions regarding orthotics and their proper use, don’t hesitate to connect with the office.