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My Voice Came Back After Chiropractic Care

My Voice Came Back After Chiropractic Care in Mississauga

Once in a while I witness changes in my patients’ health after chiropractic care that leaves me in awe of how well the body can heal and regulate itself.  A few years ago a patient consulted with me in Mississauga for an inability to talk – she had drastically lost her voice. I admit I hadn’t seen many cases such as hers previously but decided to accept her case. Vocal cords are controlled by nerves so why would it not help I reasoned.

She had not been able to utter sounds for a few years when I saw her in Mississauga the first time. She was able to whisper and that is how we communicated initially. After a few weeks she was able to make croaky sounds and a month later these sounds became more refined and human like.

“I can talk”

We were thrilled as you can imagine and decided to maintain her improvement by seeing her once a month.

A few years later there was an interruption in her chiropractic care and gradually she started to lose her voice again. For a second time adjusting the subluxations in her neck helped her get her voice back.

Based on fundamental chiropractic theories, chiropractic adjustments help normalize nerve function by realigning the adjacent vertebrae.  In this case, the vagus nerve and its branches to the larynx (the recurrent laryngeal and the superior laryngeal nerves) would be the one affected.

I have often seen less severe cases of voice disturbances such as weak, raspy or fatigued voice etc. and usually responsive to chiropractic care. Imagine if you use your voice a lot like in the case of singers. I think it would be quite possible that the care of these nerves would be extremely helpful in allowing their vocal chords to function at their highest potential.

Imagine the importance of this for performers who want the best from their voice and challenge their voices to the extremes!

Singers especially need their voice to perform at an ultimate level so it’s not surprising that sometimes they need help in fine tuning their “instrument”. Speech pathologists help exercise the vocal chords, surgeons remove polyps from the vocal chords and chiropractors aim at restoring proper nerve supply to the muscles and tissues of the voice instrument.

Taking care of your neck is good for you and makes sense.  When your neck is doing well, the nerves and structures along your neck (such as your voice box) will do better too.  Take care of your neck – Chiropractic can help!

-Dr. Micheline Cote – Chiropractor in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health