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When people meet our Chiropractors looking for treatment, they sometimes say that they are suffering with, or have a:

Slipped Disc

When a bone in the spine moves out of place it can feel like it slips. Often times this occurs while moving and lifting. Adjusting that bone back into place is important for the spine to heal and recover. This would be described as an acute subluxation in the spine.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc can be acute (or new) or chronic (build up over time) and is greatly influenced by the positioning of the vertebrae (subluxated or properly positioned) and your movements. If the weight of gravity is not distributed well through your spine because of postures or subluxated (misaligned) vertebrae, the pressure in the disc can be too great to handle, leading it to “pop”, “bulge”, “spread”, “squeeze”, etc into the spinal cord. This can be very painful and directly create numbness and weakness in the body. To recover and heal from a herniated disc takes lots of effort and can take lots of time. A properly positioned and moving spine will help reduce the inappropriate pressure on the disc and allow it an opportunity to heal.

Bulging Disc

A bulging disc can be another way people describe their herniated disc to Chiropractors. The bulge is created through inappropriate positioning of the vertebrae (subluxation) over time as well as incorrect movements. Adjusting the vertebrae into the proper position allows the disc and area an opportunity to heal as well as reduced the harmful pressure on the disc. Ideally this is identified before the bulge impacts the spinal cord leading to weakness and functional challenges in the body / limbs.

Pinched Nerve

Pinching a nerve in the body is a very uncomfortable feeling. A nerve is how the body and brain communicate, and the body will do everything it can to protect the nerve. This included being very painful to stop you from doing whatever you are doing. You will have a very difficult time ignoring or drugging a pinched nerve. “Unpinching” the nerve is the goal. This includes learning proper postures and movements as well as adjusting the spine to reduce the nerve interference. The pinched nerve can be created by many structures and once again can be a new acute reason or a build up – chronic – problem.

“Thrown Out My Back”

These Chiropractic patients are usually unable to move and may be hunched over or crooked. The misaligned vertebrae is important to adjust in order to allow healing of the spine to occur.

Lower Back Problem

The lower back is the most weight bearing area of the spine. The positioning of all the vertebrae above it and the head greatly determines the distribution of weight on the lower back. The misaligned bone in the spine or pelvis is usually a big component of the problem. The reasons for the misalignment are also a major component as always. This can be through postures or improper movements, but can also be due to accidents or injuries to the lower back.

Bone Out of Place

This is the simplest way to think of a subluxation, but it is how it can feel to be subluxated. The bone is out of place, so the adjustment puts it into place. As you can imagine, a bone out of place can create many problems for a body. Not only will it create movement problems, but it can impact the communication of the brain – body due to the impact the spine can have on the nerves. Better to have it corrected than left alone.

Back Spasm

A back spasm can be crippling and is ideally caused by the muscles. The muscles spasm through strains, tears, or pulls. Often times the muscle spasm is a response to the misaligned or subluxated spine. If a bone is out of place, the body will spasm to pull it back and protect the spinal cord from the pressure. It will also spasm to try and maintain you against gravity. Adjusting the bones into the proper position allows the muscles to relax, as well as resets the muscle controls giving them a much needed break and reset.

“Kink in the Back” or “Kink in the Neck”

A kink in the back is common if a Chiropractic patient can identify one spot that is causing pain or discomfort. Usually the patient can point directly to the kink. I have even heard this described as a “hook” in the neck by a patient who grew up in the maritimes! This is often directly caused by a rib, vertebrae, or pelvis that is misplaced or subluxated. Adjusting the joint to help it find its correct position or freeing up the stuck segment with a Chiropractic adjustment is the goal.

Crooked Spine

This can be used to describe twists or curves in different directions. It can be due to a new injury or one that builds up over time like scoliosis. A bone that is out of place can be the major cause leading to the body bending crooked. Adjusting this subluxated bone can allow proper distribution of weight along the spine again so that it has an opportunity to heal.

Curved Spine

There are many curves in the spine to properly adapt to gravity acting on our spine. Some of these can become exaggerated or inappropriate depending on postures and subluxated vertebrae. By learning about your spine and how to care for it from your Chiropractor you will understand your curved spine.


Sciatica is a painful condition that involves pain spreading down the leg towards the toes from the back. The nerve it refers to is the sciatic nerve but patients use it to describe any pain spreading down the leg. A subluxated or misaligned vertebrae is often the major cause of the pressure on the nerve. Whether directly or indirectly. Addressing this misalignment through a chiropractic adjustment allows the area to heal and pressure to be reduced on the sciatic nerve.

Piriformis Syndrome

The sciatic nerve can become compressed by a muscle called the piriformis muscle. The muscle often tightens up in response to the pelvis twisting or being in the wrong position. This can be due to sitting postures or through injury. Adjusting the pelvis can reset the position as well as reset the piriformis muscle.


Lumbago refers to lower back pain in the lumbar region (lower back).


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Headaches can directly and indirectly be caused or affected by the neck. The positioning of the neck and skull are greatly important to recovery and resolution from headaches. The direct headaches caused by the neck are referred to as cervicogenic headaches. But the neck can indirectly contribute to migraines and tension headaches as well. Adjusting and correcting the subluxation in the neck can greatly help resolve headaches.

Numb Hands

Numbness in the hands can be directly caused by a nerve being compressed in the neck. Reducing this pressure on the nerve by adjusting vertebrae is greatly important to allow it an opportunity to heal.

Number Fingers

Numbness in a finger or a few fingers is more specific to an individual nerve or nerve root. Addressing the location that the nerve is getting pinched is important. This can directly be a vertebrae that is subluxated in the neck.

Numb Toe

Numbness in the toe or some toes is specific to a nerve or nerve root. Identifying the location that the nerve is being compressed is important, and adjusting that location to reduce the nerve interference. This allows the nerve and spine an opportunity to heal and recover.

Numb Feet

Numbness in the feet can be caused by nerve compression in the spine. An examination to determine where the nerves are interfered with is important and addressing that issue. If it is from a subluxation in the spine, adjusting that segment will allow for the area of the spine and nerve an opportunity to heal.

Subluxations are misalignments in the spine that can interfere with the function of the spine as well as the communication of the nerve system through the spine. Subluxations are a main cause of back pain, neck pain, and head pains. However, subluxations are not always painful and can weaken your body, stress organ systems (such as digestion, elimination, respiratory), lower resistance to disease and affect posture, brain function, and overall health. Vertebral subluxations can occur at any age. In fact, your first subluxation could be trauma from a difficult childbirth or from a childhood fall. As you grow you could experience other injuries, whiplashes, bad posture and stress. Many of these uncorrected subluxations may contribute to ill health later in life.

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Our goal as Chiropractors is to improve the function of the entire spine. The brain controls all activity in the body and connects to the whole body through the spinal nerves. If the spine is functioning at its best there will be less nerve interference which makes the body as a whole function better and lead to improved health!

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