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The ABCs of Back to School!

Posted By On 16 Aug 2022

Parents are starting to talk about it. Teachers are too and some are even back in the classroom prepping for September.  Back to school is around the corner. Read More

Get your glow on!

Posted By On 28 Jul 2022

Is your skin glowing?  I'm sure you've heard it  -  our skin is our largest detoxification organ.  When an organ or system is out of sorts or can't eliminate properly via the bladder or bowels, the skin can take the burden. Read More

Quality matters with Supplements

Posted By On 28 Jun 2022

I had the pleasure of meeting with a patient for an initial visit last week. We were reviewing her supplements and I asked, "Do you notice a difference in your energy and wellbeing when you take these?" Her answer, "Not really". Read More

8 Signs your Progesterone is low

Posted By On 02 Jun 2022

Progesterone is one of the key hormones in a woman’s body. Read More

Difficulty Sleeping? Try these tips from our...

Posted By On 02 Jun 2022

As a Naturopathic Doctor in Mississauga, I commonly work with patients on sleep issues, including difficulty sleeping and insomnia. Poor sleep or insomnia can lead to poor energy, poor memory and performance at work. Read More

Sunny Days and Your Skin

Posted By On 26 May 2022

We are basically into the hot hazy and sunny days--even before school officially is done. Raise your hand if you're basically finished with school?! Read More

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