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Meniere’s Disease and Chiropractic

Posted By On 29 Jun 2016

This is a report on excerpts from a 2016 research paper on Chiropractic and Meniere's disease titled: Health Outcomes Following Cervical Specific Protocol in 300 Patients with Meniere’s Followed Over Six Years "Meniere’s disease not only... Read More

Whiplash Injury In Mississauga- Myths and Truths

Posted By On 28 Jun 2016

Any accident, even a fender bender can cause serious conditions because of the whiplash affect on the neck and spinal cord. For example, a person's position during a collision can play a role even at low speeds. Read More

Conditions caused by Upper Neck Injuries

Posted By On 14 Jun 2016

The upper neck is a very sensitive spot in the spine.   This is because the upper neck vertebrae (atlas and axis) are the most movable part of the spine and these vertebrae in the upper neck can directly impact the brain stem. Read More

What is Arthritis and How Does it Affect You?

Posted By On 07 Jun 2016

We help people with various forms of arthritis at our health office in Mississauga daily. At Erin Mills Optimum Health we address the problem from multiple angles. Read More

Torticollis Spasm Twisted Neck help chiropractic

Posted By On 02 Jun 2016

Torticollis is when the neck is “stuck” in position that prevents a person, often a child or infant, from moving.  The neck is typically stuck in a tilted and slightly turned position, but can be stuck in many different positions. Read More

The Importance of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Posted By On 02 Jun 2016

Prenatal Chiropractic care, or Chiropractic care for pregnant women, is an important and frequently used service provided by Chiropractors. Read More

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