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Racing and Feeling Great

Posted By On 29 May 2017

I love to run. But running can be challenging on the body and can lead to stubborn injuries that won't disappear.  In the past, my running speeds were always determined by old injuries.  Whether a knee or a foot or a back. Read More

Fertility 101 from Mississauga Natural Health...

Posted By On 22 May 2017

Below is lots of information regarding fertility and infertility from our natural health professionals in Mississauga at Erin Mills Optimum Health.  I hope you learn lots that you can apply to your life. Read More

IV Therapy and Cancer

Posted By On 22 May 2017

Many studies regarding IV therapy and cancer have been made over the years with the following results shown: Read More

What is a Myers’ Cocktail?

Posted By On 15 May 2017

A Myers' Cocktail is named after Dr. Myers who pioneered IV Therapy. Read More

Protecting Baby’s Microbiome

Posted By On 10 May 2017

Here's an excellent article by Dr. Aviva Romm--a holistic MD in the states -- on protecting your baby's microbiome (bacterial ecosystem). Read More

May is Spinal Health Month

Posted By On 01 May 2017

During spinal health month take extra care of your spine! Read More

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