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What’s for Dinner Tonight?

Posted By On 27 Apr 2020

A question I ask myself everyday--what do I feel like eating? With little kids it's not always easy to create something delicious that EVERYONE likes... But I have the solution--sauces! Read More

Quarantine Fatigue Solution

Posted By On 22 Apr 2020

This is what my husband and fellow Naturopathic Doctor were talking about the other night.  Some people are hitting a wall with this so to speak. The mask-wearing, the lysol-ing, social's all getting a bit tiresome isn't it? Read More

Ideas to help neck postures while E-Learning

Posted By On 15 Apr 2020

With the kids switching to E-Learning at home now it is very apparent of how poor their postures become when on devices.  The absolute worst position for a neck is when the head is off centre, especially looking down. Read More

The Easter Bunny IS coming to town

Posted By On 08 Apr 2020

Hello all! I'm not going to lie--amidst all of this chaos and the start of e-learning today, Easter is totally sneaking up on me! I've been thinking about what this usually means for our family, and how it will be this year. Read More

Best Exercise For Back Pain

Posted By On 07 Apr 2020

Patients at my Chiropractic clinic in Mississauga often ask for the best exercise they can do for their back pain and to get a healthy back. WALK. Read More

Creating smarter babies in 2020

Posted By On 02 Apr 2020

A very interesting and alarming study was done on cell phone use in pregnant and postpartum mom's and the effect on children. Read More

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