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Beneficial Effects of Activator on Osteoarthritis...

Posted By On 31 Aug 2020

  This is a review and excerpts of a 2020 research study from  Scientific Reports on the improvement in Osteoarthritis measures in  rabbits with the use of an Activator instrument, specifically an Activator V, which we use in our... Read More

Heads Up

Posted By On 27 Aug 2020

Last week both my niece and my daughter hit their head. One on a jungle gym and the other on a trampoline. What are you going to do with busy girls? We would love to keep them in a bubble but inevitably they will hurt themselves at some point. Read More

Pool Party

Posted By On 17 Aug 2020

So apparently they are all sold out of blow up pools at Canadian Tire- no wonder as temperatures have been slightly on the higher side lately. Anyone fry an egg on their driveway last week? Read More

Medicine in Your Kitchen

Posted By On 10 Aug 2020

"Let food be thy medicine" Hippocrates I'm sure Hippocrates had lots of tricks up his sleeve when it came to medicine in his kitchen.  I imagine that he had loads of dried herbs in all corners of his cupboards! Read More

Won’t you be my neighbor?!

Posted By On 05 Aug 2020

My husband and I just watched the movie, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" and I have to say, it was amazing. A great walk down memory lane with Daniel the tiger, the train and of course the infamous cardigans! Read More

School Ready

Posted By On 05 Aug 2020

How is everyone feeling about the re-opening of school in September? Some say it will be good for their child because they experience anxiety and the more they're away from school, the worse it will get. Read More

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