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Biological Communication explained by Mississauga Chiropractor

Posted By On 08 Mar 2016
picture of wires to help with biological communication analogy

Your body has a natural biological communication system that is remarkable – Mississauga Chiropractor Micheline Cote helps you learn how this communication works

This natural communication system is way more sophisticated than what humans have been able to conceive and develop to this point. Even the most recent smart phone does not even come close to being as smart as your inborn innate intelligence when it comes to communication. (This might come as a surprise to teens and millennials).

Your body has a hardwired system via the nervous system and a wireless system via hormones / body energy

This system is similar to the communication you have in your house: You have communication devices that need to be connected into the wall (hardwired) and you also have communication wirelessly through the Wifi router that picks up the communication waves. Every cell in your body is in constant communication thanks to this innate communication system in the body.  What is amazing is that this communication system is functioning 100% of the time and with no need to plug into the wall to recharge.

This natural system is incredible and supporting it to communicate at its best is what I do as a Chiropractor for my patients in Mississauga – Dr. Micheline Cote

How does a Chiropractor support the natural communication system in my body?

The nerve system is the “hardwired” communication system in the body.  The spinal cord must connect from the brain to every tissue and cell in the body in order to communicate.  This spinal cord goes through the spine.  These spinal bones have a very important role in protecting the wires of this natural communication system.  These spinal bones also have a difficult role in our daily demands of life, work, and sports. Any misalignment of the spinal bones can cause disruption in signals along the natural hard wired communication system.  Chiropractors refer to this health impacting phenomenon as a subluxation.  A subluxation (misalignment in the spine causing nerve disruption) can disturb this communication leading to improper responses in the body.  These improper responses can cause health problems – not just pain.  In my book titled “Pain or No Pain-The Chiropractic Connection” I discuss Chiropractic patients’ experiences in regaining their health through Chiropractic care.

Pain as a signal

Pain is a large part of how your body communicates to your brain that there is a problem.  But this warning signal can malfunction with improper communication and is usually ignored for years before anything is done about it.  That is why Chiropractors address the spine.  We encourage proper communication along your nerve system and support your body to function as it naturally should.  When your body is communicating well it has a much easier time to heal naturally.

Communication error as the cause of disease

A famous Chiropractor, Dr. Fred Barge, wrote a book titled “One Cause One Cure”, which discussed how the inability of the body to comprehend itself and the environment was the cause of bad health and disease.  In addressing how your body is able to comprehend itself and its environment, you can move closer and closer to your natural healthy self.

Can Chiropractors help the “wireless” communication system in the body?

The “wireless” communication system in your body is still directly controlled and coordinated by the central nervous system (the brain).  The glands and cells that release the hormones are stimulated and calmed by signals from the hardwired nerve system. A subluxation in the spine can negatively impact the nerve system at multiple levels along the spine, as well as indirectly impact the source of the signals at the brain.  Chiropractors directly address these subluxated spinal bones that are impacting the nerves.  By removing any communication blockages caused by subluxations, chiropractors can directly and indirectly impact the “wireless” communication system in the body.

How does a Chiropractor measure biological communication systems?

The latest measuring instruments to easily assess the body’s way to communicate are surface electromyography (SEMG) which measures the electrical activity in the muscles along the spine and Thermography which measures the skin temperature also along the spine. With these instruments you can detect differences in how the nervous system functions at its exit from the spine. You can then extrapolate from the results if there is a connection with the patient’s malfunction or communication breakdown.

In addition the leg length analysis we use when checking patients for subluxations shows disturbances in the body’s communication system and so do tests like the postural evaluations and balance tests like standing on one leg with your eyes closed or walking heel to toe with eyes closed. All these procedures can show a disruption in the body’s ability to communicate internally and as a response to external stimuli. 

Chiropractors are the only health professional concerned with the correction of subluxation and restoration of proper biological communication – Naturally!


Not feeling your best? 

How is your body’s communication system doing?

Ask your chiropractor in Mississauga for an assessment to find out.  If you need a Chiropractor in Mississauga, we are happy to help! Contact us.

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