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Fit and Fine in February

Posted By On 22 Feb 2021

How to feel your best when the odds are against you. It's 'lockdown', the kids just went back to school but you can't quite get it together. "Me time" seems like something of the past.... Read More

Kegels – Not just for women

Posted By On 14 Dec 2020

Yes it's true, kegels are not just for women! The perineum or pelvic floor are layers of muscles or can be considered the foundation that hold up your organs. Read More

Lovingkindness Meditation

Posted By On 21 Sep 2020

I recently have a number of patients say they wanted to try meditating but didn't know where to start. Read More

Hot Days Cool Drinks

Posted By On 25 May 2020

What a weekend it was! I don't know about you but I feel like we basically went from winter to summer! Read More

Pats on the back for the parents

Posted By On 26 Mar 2020

Kudos and 'high fives' to all the parents out there feeling the pressure of teaching there little ones some lessons while keeping a level head. We had our own challenges today-I knew my daughter was 'hangry' but she didn't want anything to eat. Read More

How Does Dr. Peever Keep the Fish Tank So Clean?

Posted By On 11 Mar 2020

At Erin Mills Optimum Health we have a fish tank that catches the eye of our Mississauga patients for how clean and well maintained it is.  They often ask how we keep our fish tank so clean! Read More

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