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Get Moving

Posted By On 10 Feb 2022

Hello folks! Happy February! After the high of watching the ground hog find his shadow (or did he?) it can seem like we have a lot of wintery weather ahead of us. Read More

Celebrate your loved ones on Valentine’s Day

Posted By On 03 Feb 2022

Some people think Valentine's Day is a cheesy day to celebrate love and romance.  My old roommate in university used to schedule her annual PAP on February 14th. An act of self love! Read More

Never mind counting sheep

Posted By On 12 Jan 2022

It's an old family trick to help kids sleep and has a very good success rate. Hot laundry.   Yes, it's that simple as long as you have a functioning dryer and a blanket. Read More

Powering up for the Holidays

Posted By On 23 Nov 2021

There's nothing worse than missing out on a special gathering with family or meeting with good friends over the holidays.    Let's prime you for all of these wonderful occasions. Read More

A Bedroom Sanctuary

Posted By On 04 Nov 2021

Would you consider your bedroom fit for a sleeping beauty? If the answer is yes- congratulations and this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.... Read More

More than a bra: Support for new Moms

Posted By On 26 Oct 2021

What I like best about talking to new moms or those who are about to give birth is how to set themselves up for success! I had one pregnant patient tell me she had heard stories about breastfeeding and was more nervous about it than the birth. Read More

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