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Posture Screening

Posted By On 03 Mar 2021

Posture getting you down? Posture problems leading to pain? Having difficulty with your posture? Noticing posture problems in someone you love? Read More

Superbowl Snacks

Posted By On 03 Feb 2021

Growing up in a house with 3 football playing brothers and parents who were football fans meant that the Superbowl was definitely on the tube every year, without question. It was fun to throw the pigskin around then watch the pre-game commentary. Read More

Happy Birthday Chiropractic

Posted By On 18 Sep 2020

  Sept 18th marks the date of the first Chiropractic adjustment by Chiropractic's founder DD Palmer.  On this day in 1895 DD Palmer delivered the first Chiropractic adjustment with the intent of restoring a man's hearing. Read More

Beneficial Effects of Activator on Osteoarthritis...

Posted By On 31 Aug 2020

  This is a review and excerpts of a 2020 research study from  Scientific Reports on the improvement in Osteoarthritis measures in  rabbits with the use of an Activator instrument, specifically an Activator V, which we use in our... Read More

Now Open

Posted By On 01 Jun 2020

We have received word from the Ministry of Health that we are able to return to all regular health care at our clinic as of May 27th, 2020.  We are now open and able to help more than just emergency/urgent patients. Read More

To trick or treat?

Posted By On 31 Oct 2019

Yes I want kids my to trick or treat, have a good time, get dressed up and tour around this Halloween. Read More

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