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Chiropractic From Head to Toe: Upper Back Pain

Posted By On 21 May 2016
Upper Back Pain

Chiropractic From Head to Toe: Upper Back Pain

Although injuries to the upper back (thoracic spine) are not as common as lower back or neck injuries, there are still a number or conditions and factors that can contribute to pain and discomfort in this upper back area. Thankfully, your Chiropractor knows how to ease your pain!

What is the thoracic spine or upper back?

The thoracic spine is that area of your back where the ribs are attached-also called your upper back. Because of its location, the upper back and rib cage are designed to be more stable, creating a protective “cage” for many of your vital organs – like the heart, lungs, liver, stomach and spleen.

What is hurting in my upper back?

Your upper back pain can be because of many things.  Our Mississauga Chiropractors will examine your back to determine if the problem is occurring because of the muscles in the upper back, the nerves from the spine, or the bones/joints in the spine/shoulder.  Usually the problem is a result of all three (Muscle, Bone, and Nerve) not working well together.

Commonly the upper back pain is due to the following problems:

  • Subluxated spine or subluxated ribs
  • Pain referring from the nerves or joints in the neck to the upper back
  • Muscles straining from improper postures
  • Muscles straining from injuries
  • Joints damaged from injuries or accidents
  • Arthritis in the joints of the neck or upper back

yard work leading to back pain

How to help upper back pain?

No matter whether the joint that is irritated belongs to the vertebra or the rib, your Chiropractor knows exactly what to do to set things right. You guessed it-the Chiropractic adjustment! With the application of this skilled and precise maneuver, the irritated joint can be re-aligned to sit properly, taking the pressure off the sensitive structures that surround the joint (capsule, ligament or nerve).

Regardless of which joint it is, once freed from restriction and misalignment, the physiological cascade called “healing” can begin: sometimes the relief from pain is immediate and dramatic; other times it takes a few days for the positive effects of the adjustment to kick in. However, rest assured the adjustment always initiates healing.

With Chiropractic adjustments and advice, upper back pain can be lifted from your shoulders.  Make sure to book an appointment with your Chiropractor in Mississauga today!

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