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Dr. Cote asks: What is Chiropractic to you?

Posted By On 05 Nov 2014
Pain or No Pain - book by Dr. Micheline Cote

What is Chiropractic to you?

Dr. Cote is interested to find out what people know about chiropractic. Give it your best shot and we’ll discuss further. Or ask your questions if you don’t know.

This is meant to be informative and interesting.


We had a student from bring your kid to work day answer this question November 6, 2014 for each of the health professions at Erin Mills Optimum Health.

T.P. answered:

What is a Chiropractor – Chiropractors are specially trained to locate and correct spinal nerve stress (also known as vertebral subluxations).

What is Naturopathy? Naturopathy is using the healing powers of nature to prevent, treat disease or certain problems that a person would have.

What is Chiropody? Chiropody is focusing on the base of our balance: the feet. Chiropodists help prevent or treat certain problems that a person with foot problems or any related issues have.   For instance, you may have an imbalance with your feet that can affect your legs, knees, ankles, thighs.  The reason why is because the pressure that should be balanced through your whole body is not, causing stress to other parts of your body that can be damaged.

What is Massage Therapy? Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissues that your body contains.

Dr. Peever’s comments for T.P. were to link the spinal nerve stress that Chiropractors are specially trained to locate and correct to the body’s balance, function, and ability to thrive.  For the mechanical thinker, this can be described as a car having a moving part not properly aligned causing it to rub and break down more quickly.  For the vitalistic thinker, you can delve further into the understanding that although the body has mechanical parts, those parts are coordinated and controlled by a “mechanic” in the body. This “mechanic” is labelled “innate intelligence” in Chiropractic, but is labelled many things (soul, spirit, energy, etc.)  This “mechanic” coordinates and controls the body through that nerve system.  The nerve system is extremely important to the function and health of a mechanical body.  Chiropractors do have a simple job of locating and correcting spinal nerve stress (vertebral subluxations), but the implications to the mechanical and vitalistic systems are amazing!

Dr. Peever also liked how T.P. incorporated “using the healing powers of nature to prevent and treat disease” into the Naturopathic definition.  That aspect can be linked to everything that is done at Erin Mills Optimum Health, as can the implications that are mentioned to the balance of the body in his Chiropodist definition.  The only thing that Dr. Peever would change is “treat disease”.  It is Erin Mills Optimum Health’s goal to encourage and support people towards their optimum health using the healing powers of nature…and although the body does and can “cure” disease often…Erin Mills Optimum Health aims to leave the “treating of disease” to the innate “mechanic” in the body.

In practice, this question is usually answered with how Chiropractic impacts or has impacted a patient’s life.  There are amazing stories of how Chiropractic and Erin Mills Optimum Health have done this that we never tire of.  I am curious to see which ones we see here.

What is Chiropractic to you?

No Pain!

Today one of our Chiropractic patients who has been adjusted regularly throughout the year exclaimed that for the first time in his life he hasn’t had pain for a three week period! He is completely changing his life and I am very proud of him for his effort and commitment to his health.

Appreciate and Celebrate Life!

-Dr. Callum Peever


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