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How to Reduce Joint Pain and Stiffness in the Morning

Posted By On 05 Dec 2022
How to reduce joint pain and stiffness in the morning

Joint pain is often felt mostly in the back, knees, elbows, hips, and feet and can often affect older people. However, it is also experienced by younger people due to external injuries and lifestyle-related problems.

Joint pain is a slow, aching pain that is often sensed as a throbbing or grating pain that is mostly felt in the mornings right after waking up.

The cold weather also facilitates joint and muscle stiffness. People living in colder regions should ensure that they wear the right type of clothing so as not to expose themselves to bitter cold. It is wise to cover up as much as possible and not allow your body to come into direct contact with the hard winters, especially in Canada.

Who is susceptible to joint pain?

Joint pain is often experienced by those who are well over the age of 45-50 years old. Some younger people also experience this type of pain due to health issues or excessive workouts.

As well, muscle stiffness is usually felt by everyone at some point in their youth. Muscles face the constant wear and tear of everyday life and should be kept hydrated, active, and stretched so that they do not get stiff from basic daily activities as you age. 

Joint pain tends to affect those who:

  • Injured their joints previously

  • Overwork themselves during workouts regularly

  • Are diagnosed with arthritis or other chronic joint-related conditions

  • Suffer from depression, anxiety, and/or stress

  • Are/have been overweight

  • Chronically suffer from poor health

What causes joint pain and stiffness in the mornings?

Experiencing stiffness in the back, legs, and hips is a common complaint that is often dismissed and not taken seriously. It is usually a symptom of overworked joints, muscle tightness, and inflammation. 

One of the main causes of joint pain and stiffness, especially in the back and neck, are spinal subluxations which are misalignments or abnormal mobility of the vertebral joints.  These subluxations affect how the spine functions and lead to extra strain causing the stiffness.

Arthritis is also a leading cause of stiffness and occurs when the cushioning from your joints wear out and begin to dry and stiffen. When you sleep, the weak muscles tend to tighten because there is less synovial fluid to lubricate them.

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can both trigger morning joint and muscle stiffness in people from varying age groups.

The first step is to be checked by a Chiropractor who can examine the involved stiff joints, rule out any other underlying causes of the stiffness and come up with a therapeutic plan.

Once you have checked out all the possibilities, you can learn some tips on how to reduce muscle stiffness in the mornings.

How to Reduce Muscle Stiffness

People who suffer from chronic arthritis experience a lot of stiffness and pain, especially in the mornings. Arthritis causes the tendons in your joints to break down and lose elasticity, thus creating friction between the bones.

Here are some ways by which you can relieve muscle stiffness in the mornings:

Ensure you Have Proper Bedding

Because most muscle tightness is experienced in the mornings, it is wise to get your pillows and mattress checked for the right alignment and support. 

Sleeping on an extremely soft mattress can also cause stiffness, as it has to be just right for your body.

Improve Your Diet

To lead a healthy lifestyle, you should take care of what you eat. Consume food that is rich in antioxidants, protein, and vitamins. Avoid inflammatory foods like red meat, fried food, sodas, and refined foods.

Consume Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and should be consumed to enable your body to absorb the calcium that it is getting from your diet. 

Although the dosage varies, you can ask a doctor to advise you on how much dosage is appropriate for you, depending on your deficiency.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration causes muscles to stiffen automatically, leading to spasms and pulls. Having a good amount of fluids daily ensures that your body flushes out toxins and stays hydrated.

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Physical activities lubricate your joints and allow your bones and muscles to become more agile and flexible. 

However, be careful to not overdo any exercise. You can practice some basic cardio and yoga to improve your overall health and fitness.

Use Heating Pads

Relieve low-grade muscle stiffness with heating pads by applying heat on the sore muscle for instant relief. Also, remember to seek medical attention if there is bruising or discolouration around the affected area so that you can get the right medical advice.

Relieve Stress

Indulge in your hobbies, practice yoga, or get yourself a good massage to alleviate your stress levels. 

Over time, the intensity of the stiffness will decrease and your body will become more supple and agile.

Consult A Wellness Chiropractor in Mississauga

While these tips are listed to help relieve your stiffness, it is always ideal to get a thorough examination and speak with a health and wellness professional to understand the severity of the situation. 

If you’re experiencing chronic joint and muscle stiffness in the morning or throughout the day and none of the above recommendations have alleviated the pain, then you will likely need the help of a licensed chiropractor. 

If you experience any of the following: 

  • Morning muscle/joint pain that stretches for more than an hour and gets more painful each time.

  • Joint stiffness involving your upper or lower back to a point where you have difficulty taking a deep breath.

  • Feeling numbness or a tingling sensation in your arms or legs along with your joint pain.

  • Pain that radiates and feels like an injury and more than just muscle stiffness.

Then it’s essential to visit a professional to determine the cause of your pain and begin to work on a plan toward recovery. 

Visit Erin Mills Optimum Health for a consultation with one of our licensed chiropractors. We understand the toll chronic muscle pain and stiffness can take, both on your body and your mental well-being. 

Wellness chiropractors are trained to locate and correct spinal misalignments that may be causing you pain or physical discomfort. 

While many people associate chiropractors with the treatment of lower back pain, in truth, there are many ailments that chiropractic professionals are trained to diagnose and treat. 

On your first visit, we’ll discuss your history and health concerns and review your medical history. After that, we conduct a thorough physical examination so that we may evaluate your condition and develop a working diagnosis. 

Take your first step towards alleviating your muscle and joint pain by reaching out to a wellness chiropractor in Mississauga today. 

For more information, please contact Erin Mills Optimum Health. You can visit our wellness clinic in Mississauga or book an appointment at 905-828-2014. You can also visit our website here to find out more details about our different treatment options.

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