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Lactation Balls Recipe

Posted By On 19 May 2022

This recipe is for all of you pregnant or breastfeeding mamas! Read More

Homemade nut milks

Posted By On 03 May 2022

  For any of you dairy-free folk, nut milks have been an amazing alternative to add to cereals, smoothies and other recipes. Unfortunately not all nut milks are as 'clean' as we would like and can contain many unwanted additives. Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

Posted By On 03 May 2022

I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mamas! You work tirelessly, around the clock and always give it your all! For the kids and partners in your life, here are some ideas on what to give to Mom this Sunday: 1. Read More


Posted By On 07 Apr 2022

What did one soup say to the other? I love you pho-ever. Puns and jokes aside, there's nothing like a pot of soup or stew on a cool day. Read More

Get Moving

Posted By On 10 Feb 2022

Hello folks! Happy February! After the high of watching the ground hog find his shadow (or did he?) it can seem like we have a lot of wintery weather ahead of us. Read More

Celebrate your loved ones on Valentine’s Day

Posted By On 03 Feb 2022

Some people think Valentine's Day is a cheesy day to celebrate love and romance.  My old roommate in university used to schedule her annual PAP on February 14th. An act of self love! Read More

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