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The Many Facets of Pain

Posted By On 07 Jul 2011

The Many Facets of Pain

For most of us, pain is one of those things in life that we do our best to avoid, get rid of, or try to ignore. Why wouldn’t we? It hurts! And it stops us from accomplishing things in our lives!

Without pain, you could never learn from experience how detrimental certain things in the environment can be to your health.

Without pain, you may otherwise continue down a path that puts you directly in harm’s way.

Without pain, and its contrast to you, how could we ever really know what makes us feel good?

Pain classifications include:

  • Acute pain – immediate onset of pain caused by physical trauma and resulting inflammation.
  • Chronic pain – pain that lasts longer than the naturally expected healing time for an acute injury.
  • Referred pain – pain that is felt in an area of the body that is not injured.
  • Psychosomatic pain – pain that is felt in the physical body, with origins in mentally or emotionally charged events.

But what really causes pain?

Scientists and medical experts once defined it as a nociceptive response-which is your body’s reaction to a stimulus based on the activation of nerve endings called nociceptors, and the transmission of this information to your brain, where it is then felt.

Chiropractors have been helping their patients deal with pain for over 100 years.  The number one reason patients seek Chiropractic treatment help is to reduce the level of their pain.

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