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Enjoy these testimonials from our Mississauga patients! However, a result for one patient may not be typical of all patients. Our aim is to help you have an excellent experience at our Mississauga office and to help you reach your health goals.

Amanda K

"Dr. Callum Peever's adjustments have reduced the frequency and intensity of my neck and back pain. He takes the time to enquire about daily lifestyle and habits which I appreciate. In combination with massage I feel much better since my car accident and I would recommend him to my family and friends."


“I have been a patient of Erin Mills Optimum Health since 2007. The care and treatment that I receive is that of excellence and compassion. I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia – otherwise referred to as the Suicide Disease. The pain accompanied with this condition is extreme and dibilitating, with little medication available to deal with pain. Chiropractic has been a ‘life line’ for me, without this, I would not have any quality of life. The mental impact of the condition is a challenge each day. Erin Mills Optimum Health has allowed me to deal with life in a positive and healthy way – so happy they are in my life. – K.H.”


“Pain, mobility, daily functions, mood, hope, painfree. These are all things we take for granted. Regular medicines help to get through the critical stages of illness. We must also work on the cause behind the problem. My Chiropractor has taken me from traditional medicine towards medicine free. Hope and optimism were given back to me.” – R.KM.

S. Planetta

"I have been a patient of optimum foot care (Erin Mills Optimum Health in Mississauga) for several months. When I first went there my feet were a mess & extremely painful. Dr Kiran treated me with much care& attention. He advised me to obtain orthotics. I am now walking pain free. The orthotics were one of the best investments I have ever made. I rate optimum foot care 10 our of 10. Thank you so much."

Navdeep A.

"I came in with twitching muscles and fingers that annoyed me to no end. In a few short weeks Dr. Callum Peever had me back to normal. I daresay, I may even have improved past normal! He provided very helpful advice and found many ways to teach me how to help myself as well as how he was helping me. His expertise in adjustments and lifestyle changes combined with a very positive outlook on my progression. Throw in the wonderful receptionists and I cannot give a higher level of recommendation. Thanks All!" - Navdeep A.

K Marks

"Special Thanks for Doctors and staff who really care with passion, Makeing your patients trust in you. Helping and teaching us to take better care of our bodies and health."

Patti and Gary

"Carol, you are one of the lights at the clinic. Always a smile, warm welcome, friendly & efficient service. So appreciated your care & concern last week when I was ill & needed to cancel my appointment. We believe people need to be told when they make a difference. You do! Thank you! Warmly, Patti & Gary"

"Again, we need to gush a little about the care received at Erin Mills Optimum Health. Dr. Callum takes excellent care of our chiropractic needs, Dr. Kiran Dave recently assessed our foot needs and we are both very satisfied with his care and recommendations. Dr. Kirsten Almon provided encouragement and advice to improve our health with natural products and choices. And then there is the staff who warmly welcome you to the office. Carol, Yvonne, Rhea, and Jen.... hope we didn't miss anyone (Rita). We recommend this office to anyone and everyone given the chance. Kind, knowledgeable, professional and just plain wonderful folks! Gary and Patti"

Hamza K

I came to Erin Mills Optimum Health after receiving treatment for my injured back for over a year at other clinics with no results. I can gladly say that with the help of Dr Callum Peever and Dr Michéline Côté my back has made great progress and is finally healing. Everyone there is very professional and extremely caring. Dr Peever always goes the extra mile and has regular discussions with me on what I should be looking out for in terms of posture and habits in order to help me with my recovery. I would highly recommend Erin Mills Optimum Health! - From Google review 2015 by Hamza

Tanya G.

"I just want to express how fortunate I feel to be a patient of Kiran. He's super attentive, vastly knowledgeable and has a tremendous spirit. His whole body approach complements the chiropody. The front desk staff round out the wonderful experience I have each time I visit."

Kristy B.

"I saw real progress here. Friendly staff and convenient reminders." - Kristy B.

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