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Enjoy these testimonials from our Mississauga patients! However, a result for one patient may not be typical of all patients. Our aim is to help you have an excellent experience at our Mississauga office and to help you reach your health goals.

L. D'Hondt

I first met Dr. Aisling Lanigan as a patient at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic in October 2011, where I went in search of an alternate form of treatment for my eczema rather than the MD recommended steroid creams. I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Aisling who puts forth a welcoming and accepting demeanor through her excellent counseling, assessment, and treatment skills. Through homeopathy, acupuncture, and natural creams and regimens, the distressing eczema I had been suffering with for over a year resolved. I am truly grateful to Dr. Aisling for the ever thorough and compassionate care that she provides. Even though I went in for one particular issue, I received holistic care comprising body, mind and soul.

Giselle S.

I recommend to everyone I know to come and visit Dr. Peever because he helped my husband and myself. Our lives changed for good when we met him.

John A.

After being in a car accident, I experienced a serious back injury. Dr Callum Peever and RMT Sandra Dale have been instrumental in my recovery. The staff are extremely caring and professional, always willing to go the extra mile. Due to their treatments my condition is much improved. I would recommend Erin Mills Optimum Health to anyone! - From Google review by John A. 2014

H. Brown

I first went to Erin Mills Optimum Health after injuring my back playing soccer. After only one visit to Dr. Caven, I noticed a significant improvement in the pain and after a couple more sessions, the pain was completely gone.I continue to go to Erin Mills Optimum health monthly, for back and hip adjustments and for therapeutic massages. The staff are extremely friendly and the office hours are very flexible and can accommodate almost any schedule.I would highly recommend this practice to anyone requiring quality chiropractic adjustments or anyone in need of an excellent massage to relax and repair their body. - - From a Google review by H. Brown 2014

Dan D.

Callum - Wanted to thank you for the excellent work you do as a chiropractor. I realized this week how much I appreciate having someone like you - who knows exactly what they are doing - and can help bring my body back into balance. You do a great job and you're a good guy too! Thanks, Dan

Kevin W.

Dr. Callum Peever is awesome. Also I like the family like culture in the clinic. Very happy to be here for my adjustments.


I first began seeing a Chiropractor because I was suffering from headaches. Before I started treatments, I was not sure if Chiropractic was for me, but I thought I would give it try. I am really glad I did! Not only are my headaches less frequent, they have decreased significantly in intensity when I actually have them. I would tell anyone to try chiropractic before taking a lot of drugs.


I was involved in car accident several years ago. My M.D. prescribed painkillers and rest for me. After about a month of doing that and my back still severely paining me, a friend of mine recommended me to see Dr. Ken Peever. Dr. Peever was very knowledgeable and explained exactly what was going on with my back. Initially, I came to see Dr. Peever for my back, but as my treatments progressed I noticed that I was having fewer headaches and my menstrual cramps were not as painful. That was almost 15 years ago and I still come in for regular adjustments and I feel great!


I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and began researching on the internet for anyway I could get any relief from my symptoms. A co-worker of mine recommended me to see a Chiropractor after I had missed a couple of days of work. With my regular adjustments and my regulated diet, I noticed a positive change in my health. I am feeling better and more comfortable with myself. I would recommend to anyone who suffers from IBS to come in and see a Chiropractor, you have nothing to lose.

CLM Leadership Group

Thank you so much for agreeing to come out to Community Living Mississauga’s Leadership group last Thursday evening. The feedback from the 18 attendees was extremely positive. Everyone came out of the presentation learning many new ways to remain healthy or information on how to attain good health as well as being thoroughly entertained. We all appreciate you and Carol giving up one of your evenings to volunteer to present to our group. The presentation was so well received that we hope you would both agree to come back to the Leadership group in the future.

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