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Erin Mills Optimum Health FAQ


Do we do direct billing for insurance?

For extended benefits we can directly bill insurance companies on your behalf. Please bring all of your benefits information for our staff to coordinate it with you.

For motor vehicle accidents (MVA) and Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) injury claims we do help you bill through HCAI directly.  

Do Chiropractors treat children?

Yes, Chiropractors treat patients of all ages, from infants to seniors.

Many children suffer spinal injuries from falls, improper sitting postures, texting posture, and sports injuries. These spinal injuries can impact the health of a growing child greatly if not addressed immediately.  

Newborns can also be gently adjusted by a chiropractor.  It is very important for infants who underwent difficult deliveries to be checked by chiropractors as they can have residual spinal problems that can impact their development.  A newborn who is having difficulty latching, moving their neck, or meeting milestones should especially be checked by a chiropractor for spinal misalignments.  

The best part about Chiropractic care for children is that it is a way to encourage and support the child to be his or her naturally healthy self, without the use of drugs! 

Kids need Chiropractic Too!

Insure the health of the next generation with regular Chiropractic care!

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association is a great resource to explore:

Can adjustments cause a stroke?

Stroke – 

Blood flows to the brain through two sets of arteries passing through the neck. These arteries may become weakened and damaged, either over time through aging or disease, or as a result of injury. A blood clot may form in a damaged artery. All or part of the clot may break off and travel up the artery to the brain where it can interrupt blood flow and cause a stroke.

Many common activities of daily living involving ordinary neck movements have been associated with stroke resulting from damage to an artery in the neck, or a clot that already existed in the artery breaking off and travelling up to the brain.

Chiropractic treatment has also been associated with stroke. However, that association occurs very infrequently, and may be explained because an artery was already damaged and the patient was progressing toward a stroke when the patient consulted the chiropractor. Present medical and scientific evidence does not establish that chiropractic treatment causes either damage to an artery or stroke. (see below for access to the present medical and scientific evidence)

The consequences of a stroke can be very serious, including significant impairment of vision, speech, balance and brain function, as well as paralysis or death.

-The above statement is from the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association

Here are links to the present medical and scientific evidence regarding stroke:

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Chiropractic Care and Cervical Artery Dissection: No Evidence for Causation (2016)


Risk of vertebrobasilar stroke and chiropractic care: results of a population-based case-control and case-crossover study.(2008)


Chiropractic care and the risk of vertebrobasilar stroke: results of a case–control study in U.S. commercial and Medicare Advantage populations (2015)


Risk of traumatic injury associated with chiropractic spinal manipulation in Medicare Part B beneficiaries aged 66 to 99 years. (2015)





Is Chiropractic effective?

Chiropractic is effective.  

It is amazing to experience the changes in a body after being under Chiropractic care.  Chiropractors are excellent at helping your body change. If you are stuck with a health problem or challenge, chiropractic can help you change to overcome your problem. There are many incredible miracle stories with regards to patients experiencing amazing changes with respect to their health with the help of Chiropractic.  Let us help you change your story into a great one!

Numerous scientific studies have shown that Chiropractic care is the treatment of choice for most spinal problems. Check out some of the research listed below on chiropractic's impact on vertebral subluxation, health, and spine related problems.

Manga Report on Chiropractic Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness for Low Back Pain

Clinical utilization and cost outcomes from an integrative medicine independent physician association: an additional 3-year update.

Evaluation of a standardized wellness protocol to improve anthropometric and physiologic function and to reduce health risk factors: a retrospective analysis of outcome.

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Early predictors of lumbar spine surgery after occupational back injury: results from a prospective study of workers in Washington State.

Chiropractic use in the medicare population: prevalence, patterns, and associations with 1-year changes in health and satisfaction with care.

Objective Physiologic Changes and Associated Health Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments in Asymptomatic Subjects: A Review of the Literature

Reorganizational healing: a paradigm for the advancement of wellness, behavior change, holistic practice, and healing.

Effect of chiropractic care on heart rate variability and pain in a multisite clinical study.

What kind of education do Doctors of Chiropractic have?

Chiropractors have a minimum of 7 years of post-secondary education. After obtaining a degree at a university they spend 4 years at an accredited Chiropractic college where they are engaged in intense classroom, laboratory and clinical education.  Our Chiropractors attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and Life Chiropractic College West. Here they learn the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the body.  They then learn clinical aspects and how to analyze, diagnose, and treat the spine and spine related conditions with effective and gently chiropractic care.  Chiroropractors also continue to grow their skills through further training with regards to more specific adjusting techniques and clinical skills.  These courses include the Activator Methods International Seminars, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association Seminars, Chiropractic Awareness Council Spring Conference, Halton Peel Chiropractic Society Monthly Meetings with local and international speakers. We are very happy to have very passionate and skilled chiropractors on our Mississauga team at Erin Mills Optimum Health.

Can a person who has had back surgery see a Chiropractor?


Many people who have had back surgeries often find themselves back to the same problems they originally had before the surgery - what they call "Failed Back Surgery Syndrome".  People in this situation often find help through Chiropractic.  Usually, Chiropractic care can save them from future operations. It can also support them towards better function and reduced nerve interference.

Below are my favourite exceprts from a 2016 research article regarding the help that an Activator Chiropractic adjustment can have on post operative pain:

World Federation of Chiropractic Award Winning Paper January 2016

Neuropathic and Postoperative Pain Improved with Activator in 2016 Award Winning Paper

"Methods: We used the activator adjusting instrument, a chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy tool, to deliver force to the spinous process of L5 and L6" (in rats)

"Results: Repetitive Activator-assisted spinal manipulative therapy significantly reduced simulated neuropathic and postoperative pain, inhibited or reversed the neurochemical alterations, and increased the anti-inflammatory IL-10 in the spinal cord." 

"Conclusion: these finds show that spinal manipulation mat activate the endogenous anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 in the in the spinal cord and thus has the potential to alleviate neuropathic and postoperative pain."

"Injury and inflammation to the nerve and tissues within or adjacent to the lumbar intervertebral foramen (IVF) can cause a series of pathologic changes, which may contribute to pathogenesis of chronic low back pain."

"Instruments such as the activator adjusting instrument (AAI) have been used to produce spinal mobilization. The AAI was developed to precisely control the speed, force, and direction of the adjustive thrust to produce a safe, reliable, and controlled force for manipulation of osseous spinal structures."

Is Chiropractic covered by OHIP?

Chiropractic is not covered by OHIP but most employee health benefit plans cover Chiropractic. Work related injuries are covered by WSIB. Your automobile insurance will pay for any injuries that are caused by motor vehicle accidents.  Fortunately, chiropractic care is not very expensive! In fact when comparing cost effectiveness for health challenges like back pain, chiropractic is one of the most cost effective ways to address the back problem and to stop it from coming back.  Our patients also consistently show high satisfaction rates with chiropractic care and its benefits.  So even though OHIP doesn't cover Chiropractic care now in Ontario, Canada, it is a great and cost effective way for you to address your health problems and reach your optimum health.  

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