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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Just like a better back can lead to better health, lower back pain can lead to worsening health — that’s why it is important to address any underlying causes of your back pain now! Our Mississauga Chiropractors are ready to help you find out what’s wrong and develop a plan specifically designed for you, to help you get back to your naturally healthy self!

Lower back pain treatment may be necessary to get you working well again. The testing that our Chiropractors do will allow them to determine if your case is a Chiropractic case, or if other treatments are necessary. Recent studies show us that 90% of chronic low back pain is from the joints in the spine — this includes discs, facet joints, or sacroiliac joints. These joints can herniate, bulge, compress, stretch, slip, stiffen up, get stuck, and more.

Fortunately, our Chiropractic services are specifically designed to address these cases and they’re often all that is needed to get your body functioning to its best ability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lower Back Pain Treatment


Is lower back pain treatment necessary?



What if I ignore my back pain?



Why does my back problem keep coming back?



Can chiropractic help with lower back pain?



Is lower back pain caused by muscular issues, or other issues?


Back Pain Can Be:

  • Disabling – It always surprises patients how disabling back pain can be. The spine is a very important part of the body and when it is not functioning well and hurting, everything is difficult!
  • Irritating – Irritation is very common with back pain while you are healing. With the proper help it does get better, but one step at a time like all processes.
  • Annoying – Back pain is very annoying. The bad days do get better with the proper care.
  • Painful – Back pain is definitely painful!
  • Debilitating – Back pain can feel debilitating or weakening. The spine is the foundation for many movements of the body, and if it is in trouble the whole body is very weak. The back also protects the nerves and spinal cord which supply muscles with the impulse to fire. If those nerves are bothered, the power is lost from that muscle area.
  • Hurting – Back pain definitely hurts. The pain often starts off dull but builds up until you can’t ignore it hurting any longer. Seek help as early as possible.
  • Stabbing – Stabbing pain is definitely the type of pain to avoid. The body is trying to tell you not to do that movement. Examine why the stabbing pain is occuring.
  • Cramping – Cramping pain in the back is common and the underlying cause needs to be determined.
  • Exhausting – Pain in the back is exhausting. Whether from the healing experience, pain, or from the lack of sleep.
  • Fatiguing – Fatigue is a common thing we see in patients who are having pain. It does improve once the injury is addressed correctly.
  • Frustrating – Every injury takes time can heal and can be very frustrating at times.

What if I ignore my back pain?

Back pain is only the signal of an underlying back problem. If you ignore the pain, you are ignoring a deeper problem with your spine. Realize that your backbones and muscles protect the spinal cord — which is the large wire that connects to your brain! That’s why back problems can have such a large impact on not only how you feel, but how your entire body functions! The longer a problem is allowed to progress or degenerate, the more difficult it’ll become for your body to deal with. With our Chiropractic services to help your body to function like your naturally healthy self again, you’ll never have to let back pain get you down.

How long does it take for back pain to get better?

Ideally, the pain from a back pain injury should feel better after 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the healing process for the spine can drag on for months or years. The quicker someone acts to improve their condition, the quicker they’ll be able to recover.

Think of a cut on your hand. Initially, you can’t use your hand and it is very painful. Once the pain subsides and the scabbing occurs, it usually doesn’t hurt much unless you irritate the area while it is healing. Unfortunately for your back, it is always weight bearing and can be irritated by the simplest postures and movements.

“I thought it would go away” – The most common phrase we hear at a Chiropractic office.

Many people do not act fast enough to recover quickly. Because of this, their injury can progress to a chronic state by the time we examine them. In these cases we usually see 50-80% improvement after 6 weeks of treatment.

What is Chronic Lower Back Pain?

Chronic low back pain is a condition in which low back pain persists long-term and won’t go away. This pain can be recurring but is often constant when it arrives. Many of our new chiropractic patients in Mississauga come to our chiropractic center with chronic low back pain. They thought it would go away but their body was stuck and couldn’t heal. Fortunately, our chiropractic center in Mississauga is here to help address the underlying problems that prevent your back from healing.

Contact Erin Mills Optimum Health today for more information on how our Chiropractic services can help with your back pain.

We remain committed to adhering to the highest possible health and safety standards to ensure the health and hygiene of all clinic visitors. We are following all guidelines from Ontario public health officials, and our governing bodies.

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